5 Types of Incredibly Stylish Wedding Shoes

Your wedding shoes tell a story, so of course you want a pair of incredible kicks on your wedding day. However, to make sure you pick the right pair, you’ll need to do the following:

– Have a picture of your dress with you when shoe shopping; this will make sure that you pick a pair of shoes that will match your dress perfectly.
– Set a budget before you start shopping. Otherwise, you may have to budget cut on other essential parts of the wedding.
– Consider what kind of event you’ll be having. You need your shoes to match your venue. After all, there’s almost nothing harder than walking in heels on a beach.
When you are shoe shopping, keep your mind open to the various kinds of stylish wedding shoes you can choose from:


It’s traditional for the bride to wear high heels on her wedding day. Their elegance and grace just can’t be beat. However, make sure that you bring your pumps with you to the first dress fitting. Otherwise, your dress might be to too short or too long for your heel height. Finally, try to wear the pumps around your house for a few days before the big event to ensure that you are comfortable and all set for a day of walking and dancing.


It’s becoming more and more popular for brides to wear flats on their big day. In fact, if your dress is long enough, there’s a good chance that your guests will never know. Rather, you’ll spend your special day in comfort and avoid blisters. Don’t feel like your flats have to be boring either; these comfortable shoes can become a little wild.


Wedding shoes no longer need to be white. In fact, now it’s quite the trend for brides to wear boldly coloured shoes for sass and for fun. Frequently, coloured shoes coordinated with the wedding colours. However, if you choose blue shoes, then you’ll eliminate something off your good luck charm list.


Boots aren’t just for the Wild West anymore; today, you can now find boots on brides anywhere. You can keep it simple with a plain white boot or go for something a little bolder. However, if you are using a western theme, consider outfitting your entire wedding party in cowboy boots.


Nothing is too bold for your big day, so don’t worry about going a little crazy on your shoes. Over the top sparkles on shoes are a great way to show off your style and feel great about what’s on your feet. Just make sure that any sparkles matches what’s on your wedding dress.

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