5 Ways to Impress Your Houseguests

5 Ways to Impress Your Houseguests

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When you have houseguests to stay, whether it’s close family or acquaintances, it is natural to want to impress them with your home and hosting skills. Ultimately, your guests will be happy with a comfortable bed, a warm welcome, and a hot meal, but there are lots of little touches you can include to make their stay truly special. From creating a comfortable and inviting guest bedroom to offering yummy welcome snacks like cookies and coffee in your favorite cute mugs, these five hosting tips will impress even the most demanding of houseguests.

Remember That First Impressions Count

The adage “first impressions count” is as true with houses as it is with people; that’s why realtors encourage their clients to focus on curb appeal — how attractive and inviting a property looks from the street. One of the best ways to do this would be to add magnificent plantation blinds. When viewed from the outside they can really transform your home and add value to it at the same time. While you’re not trying to sell your home to your houseguests, you want them to feel welcome from the moment they lay eyes on it.

5 Ways to Impress Your Houseguests

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It’s easy to forget about your stoop when cleaning inside, but keeping it nice and tidy is the minimum you should do to impress your guests. Adding a few decorative touches, such as hanging plants, can make the entrance to your home all the more inviting. If you’re a lover of boho decor, string up some fairy lights and a pretty, woven welcome mat, or go classic with symmetrical potted plants.

Offer a Welcome Snack

Arriving at a new place, particularly after a long journey, can be overwhelming. When guests arrive, the temptation is to help them bring their luggage into the house, but often they appreciate a more relaxing welcome. Invite them into your living room or kitchen (a comfortable space for informal entertaining) and offer them a drink and a snack. Have these things ready so when they ask what you have you don’t have to go searching, and use your favorite crockery, though it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Be conscious that once you’ve had your initial catch-up and you’ve finished your drinks, your guests may want some quiet time to settle into their room. This is an excellent time to offer to help bring the luggage in and give them a quick tour, so they don’t get lost, before giving them a bit of space.

Impress with All the Senses

Showing houseguests around your home is essential so that they feel at home and don’t wander into your bedroom while looking for the guest bathroom in the middle of the night! However, it’s also a chance for you to show off your home and truly impress your guests.

As well as making sure every room is clean and tidy, make your home extra inviting by thinking about the other senses, the most important being smell. There’s nothing more inviting than a beautifully aromatic space.There are many ways you make your house smell nice, from scented candles to freshly brewed coffee. Depending on the room, you may opt for different solutions. Some people can be irritated by certain scents. In your visitors’ room, keep things subtle, with a light fragrance.

5 Ways to Impress Your Houseguests

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Focus on Inviting Bedding

Your guests’ bedroom is their oasis of privacy and, when they walk into the room for the first time, the thing that they will notice is the bed. That’s why it’s worth spending time making your guest’s bed perfect. Choose soft, high-quality bedding and make sure the pillows and cushions are plumped up. Dress the bed with cushions and blankets; not only will this look lovely, but it also means that if your guests feel cold or like to sleep with lots of pillows, they’ll feel comfortable.

The mattress in your guest bedroom is probably not the best in your house, which isn’t a problem. However, if you think it could be uncomfortable but can’t afford to invest in a new one, why not purchase a memory foam or gel mattress topper? These can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep and won’t break the bank.

Small Touches Can Make a Big Impression

It’s the small touches that really impress your houseguests — those little things that not every host thinks of. Here are some ideas of things you could include for a personal touch:

  • Keep the guest bathroom stocked with essential toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, hand soap and hand cream, menstrual products, toothpaste and a hairdryer. Your guests will probably bring most of these things themselves, but they will appreciate not having to ask if they’ve forgotten something.
  • Other things that people often forget to take with them when they go away but are incredibly useful are pens and paper. Provide them with some cute stationery to use, and they are sure to be super impressed.
  • When you give your visitors the tour of the house, you don’t want to overwhelm them with information and, while they can always ask you questions, it’s nice if you can anticipate their needs. For instance, leave your Wi-Fi details and security information in their room. You can also leave leaflets on local attractions to peruse and notes on any other quirks the house may present them. How about giving them the full hotel experience and offering bathrobes and slippers? Guests often leave these comforts at home, as they are bulky to carry, and they will really appreciate this luxurious and thoughtful touch.
  • To be the hostess with the mostest, leave water and snacks in their room. If you have space, you could even leave a coffee machine in the room or a small fridge with drinks and snacks for a bit of luxury.

Being a Thoughtful Host Is Key

Although you may want your guests to be impressed with your decor and style, ultimately everyone just wants to feel comfortable in your home. By considering their needs, from their physical comfort to the need for a good Wi-Fi connection, your guests know that their comfort is your top priority and feel touched by your effort. And there’s nothing more impressive to a houseguest than a thoughtful host.

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