6 Steps to Help You Finding Your Personal Style

Finding your personal look can be a tricky challenge at best and creatively exhausting at worst. Even so, we all go through the trial of style at some point because we want to feel good and look great. Unfortunately, advice, fashion tips, and friendly opinions can make us lose track of what we like.

Is it time for you to find your style again? We’re here to help you get started with six easy steps that’ll help you find the perfect look that you’ll love.

Define Your Style

6 Steps to Help You Finding Your Personal Style

Before you dive into the deep end and start exploring your style, you need to understand what you like. Grab a notepad and jot down a few things that, in your honest opinion, define your style.

For example:

  • Do you prefer casual or elegant outfits?
  • What colors do you enjoy wearing?
  • Do you like accessories?
  • Boots, heels, or flats?
  • Are bold patterns appealing to you?

You can also dig through your closet to find those outfits you’ve worn to tatters. That’ll give you a good indication of what you enjoy wearing.

Get Inspired

The internet is filled with blogs and images to help you get ideas flowing. Pinterest is an excellent place to look for inspiration, and you can even create a board of your own to store your favorite pins.

You can also visit a few stores for ideas. For example, for Indian styles, you can read more about Nihal Fashions to see how traditional clothes and colors create a unique look. On the other hand, RebelsMarket might suit you better if you enjoy a trendy and edgy alternative look.

Pick Your Fashion Icons

You can draw inspiration from one or several style icons. For example, you might enjoy Olivia Culpo’s edginess, but add a dash of Paris Jackson’s boho vibe and a sprinkle of Audrey Hepburn’s classical beauty.

Remember to choose people that you really feel embody your style. Whether or not they’ve been featured on the cover of Vogue doesn’t matter.

Give it a Name

6 Steps to Help You Finding Your Personal Style

There are so many different styles that you might be surprised to find that your chosen “look” is a combination of existing ones. Try to use a few adjectives that describe what you’ve put together. Is it classy or edgy? Bohemian or chic? It can be one or several of these.

Once you have a few adjectives with which you’re happy, you can look for even more inspiration.

Think About Your Lifestyle Goals

Have you ever heard about “dressing the part”? According to research, the way you dress can influence your goals, perspective, and lifestyle. Consider what you want your outfit to say about you, your work, lifestyle, and long-term goals.

That doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your look if you want a corporate career. Even Richard Branson wears jeans, shorts, and leather jackets. However, learn how to adapt your style to different situations.

Be Authentic

Your cousin, sister, neighbor, and the random person at the grocery store won’t be wearing these outfits. You are. Size, designed labels, and outside opinions don’t define you or your style. The point is to find a look that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. Be proud and flaunt it.

Put Your Style Together

You’ve defined your style, gathered inspiration, named it, and mixed it all together in a big, glitter-filled vat. Congratulations, you’re fabulous. Now you can go out and confidently fill your closet with outfits that you know you’ll love to wear and in which you’ll feel beautiful. Remember, confidence is the most stunning outfit of all.

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