6 Things You Should Wear To Your First Rave

Going to a rave can be very exciting and fun. It can seem like you are about to go have the time of your life.

While a rave can be full of magic, excitement, thrill, and pure fun, it can be very uncomfortable if you’re not in the right outfit. People wear all sorts of crazy and wild outfits that express their inner selves. Dressing for a rave is mostly about being free and true to yourself.

This list of things below doesn’t only include the outfit but also other things you need for your first rave.

6 Things You Should Wear To Your First Rave

1.     Home-Made Bracelets

When you are out in the rave having fun and enjoying, wouldn’t it be fun to make new friends?

You can make various kinds of jewelry at home with colorful beads or candy. You can wear all of them on your body, or keep them separately in a pack. Once you get there, find beautiful people and have the time of your life.

These home-made accessories are also called kandi.


2.     Ear Plugs

These events can get pretty loud. The songs are playing on very powerful speakers, there will be people around you screaming their lungs out, and a lot of other noise. That is why, you may need to have some earplugs to keep your ear safe and allow you to continue the fun.


3.     Comfortable Shoes

Raves are usually located in a private place. They could be in a forest, an abandoned area, or any other secluded location. So you aren’t only going to be dancing the night away, you’re also going to walk a lot to get there and back. That’s why it might be good to wear the most comfortable pair of shoes you own.


4.     Breathable Clothing

Your rave outfit is very important, but at the same time, it’s not so much. You want to wear something that can show the other person who you are.

Some girls prefer wearing phat pants with a t-shirt, others may wear a bright bikini, and many wear crazy outfits. You can search body chains for sale, thigh-high wraps, bodysuits, onesies, and many other things online.


5.     Backpack

Since you are going to wear provocative and exciting outfits, it might be useful to take along a bag or a fanny pack.

You will be taking along your mobile, car keys, identification, snacks, and a bunch of other things. Having a backpack to keep all of it safe and secure can be very important. You will also need to take plenty of water and drinks to stay hydrated through all the partying.


6.     Sunglasses

It may be weird to see sunglasses on this list because the raves are a nighttime event. Even if by some chance it is in the afternoon or morning, they are going to be in a very dark location.

But, these shows display a lot of crazy lighting that can damage your eyes. Having a good pair of shades to keep your eyes safe can be very useful.

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