7 Skin Care Tips for Colder Weather

7 Skin Care Tips for Colder Weather

Our skin affects numerous points of our daily life. Not only does it change how people view us and think of us, but it can also alter how we feel about ourselves. Having dry, flakey, or scaly skin can often feel like something that automatically comes with the change of seasons, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

These are some of the top skin care tips for colder weather and why it’s so important to take care of this part of your body during the harshest season.

1. Avoid Using Scalding Hot Water

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using hot water for everything. We all want to be clean, and we know that heat kills germs, but making your shower or bath as hot as possible isn’t the answer.

Instead, try to go for warm water. It’s going to take a while for your body to get used to a more lukewarm shower, but once you do, these can be really refreshing and a great way to start any morning.

You can still use warmer water if you feel like an area really needs to be sanitized, but consider rinsing with cooler water afterward.

2. Use Gentle and Natural Cleansing Products

Although it’s a good idea to deep clean parts of your body if they’re unsanitary or have collected grime or dirt throughout the day, deep cleaning doesn’t have to mean harsh soaps. Using moisturizing and skin-friendly natural soaps can go a long way. Replacing more harsh handwashes with gentle goat milk soap bars can take you a long way.

Generally, a more skin-friendly soap will be transparent about its ingredients and clear on what they bring to the table. Don’t be fooled by spa-like packaging- get to know the business behind it!

3. Moisturize Thoroughly and Often

7 Skin Care Tips for Colder Weather

Moisture is your friend! Keep dry skin and flaky pains at bay by using lotion or other hydrating products often. Natural is better, staying away from artificial scents and materials that can clog pores or make it harder for your skin to breathe.

It’s generally a good idea to moisturize after your hands are fully dried from washing them, after you shower, and any time your skin feels drier. If you struggle to keep on top of these habits, you can save multiple moisturizers around your home to make it easier.

4. Consider Adding a Humidifier

The air within your home is only as good as you make it. If you let it stay dry, cold, and stagnant: that’s what your skin will be drinking in. Instead of settling for that, a humidifier could be the answer to your problems.

A good humidifier will add moisture to the air, steaming a room as much or as little as you want. You can put essential oils in this to make your home smell nice, but the humidity itself will be a big help.

This should be in areas of your home where you spend the most time, like home offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. Make sure to refill often, and consider using purified water, so the machine runs better for longer.

5. Reduce Skin Exposure to Cold Air

7 Skin Care Tips for Colder Weather

Sometimes exposure to cold air itself is enough to make someone’s skin shrivel up and get dry. Wind can drop temperatures by absurd amounts, and even more than that, you have to struggle with the fact that it can wick moisture right off of your skin.

When you go out in the cold, wear gloves, long sleeves, and a scarf. If you want to protect your hair, a hat is a must! This will also help you keep a more regulated body temperature, so you don’t have to worry about it going all over the place.

6. Avoid Fragrances

Although you may want to smell like a sugar cookie throughout the season, or you might be eager to smell like holly and fresh pine, but you should avoid fragrances. Unless they have natural properties to them, like lavender, most aromas come with alcohol in them to dry quickly, and the scents themselves are often the lead reason people have contact allergies.

Instead, go for more natural soaps, cleaners, and scents that use whole materials and don’t have alcohol or ethyl in them.

7. Drink More Water and Keep Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is important for your skin, and it starts with what you drink! Try to get in as much water as you need every day, avoiding caffeine and sugary drinks that could dry you out.

If you struggle to keep on top of water consumption, consider setting a goal every day and rewarding yourself with something nice at the end of the week if you’re able to reach that!

Cold Weather Shouldn’t Ruin Your Skin!

Although cold weather can do a lot of things- it shouldn’t ruin your skin. Keep on top of your hydration and watch your skin go from dull to glowing in just one season!

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