8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look

We all know that natural products can sometimes cost a fortune if we buy them on the market, right? But, what if we don’t have to buy them, but, we can make the home? It sounds greate, no? Bellow, are some 100 % natural remedies that will help you get rid of some of the biggest beaury problems every person faces with. They are so cheap and easy to make, that you will like to make them again and again. Preparer some of them and get ready for healthier life and beautiful look.

1. Natural banana mask to get rid of the wrinkles

If  you want to say goodbye to the wrinkles once forever, here is a natural banana remedy that will help you eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. All you need for it is half a rip banana, 3 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of honey. Cook the banana in the oven for 10-15 minutes, and then mix it with yogurt and honey. Apply the mixture on your face an leave it for 15-20 minutes until you feel it tightens a bit. After, wash you face and see miracles happen!

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source

2. Castor oil to eliminate stretch marks

It is well known that every women who is suffering of stretch marks has tried every possible treatment, cream, lotion, literally anything. But most cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for this kind of problem are not efficient at all, moreover, they might be full of chemicals and toxic additives. One of the best natural remedy that can help a bit when wanting to eliminate stretch marks is Castrol oil. It is a yellowish liquid that is extracted from castor seeds, and it is  believed that can help eliminate stretch marks as a result of its concentration of unsaturated fatty acids.

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source

3. Red onion mask for faster hair grow

Red onion and honey? Does this combination sounds a little unbelievable to you? Maybe ,  but when you once try this mixture on your hair, you will feel that your hair is reborn. Yes, that’s right. Red onion will help your hair grow twice as fast. It is so easy and cheap to prepare, and it’s results are amazing. If you want longer  hair, you should try it immediately.

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source

4.Sea salt natural remedy to combat the awful nail fungus

The nail fungus can be seen as the thick, discolored or yellowed nails, which my also brittle and completely splintered. The nail fungus not only that is not attractive at all, but, at times, it can be really painful. There are a lot of masks and creams that we all buy, but that don’t give any positive result. That’s why a lot of people suffering from this problem has tried  sea salt remedy, that is 100% natural, and that can be homemade without wasting  big amount of money  and that is very effective. Why don’t you try it to?

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source

5. Apple cider vinegar mask `to remove blackheads

Acne and blackheads can give headaches, and is not always easy to get rid of them. Blackheads occur most often on the face area, more often to people who experience sebum excess , especially around the nose and chin.  For today we have found one natural blackheads remedy, that is very effective. It ‘s a face mask with clay and apple vinegar. All you have to do is to combine  equal parts of apple cider vinegar and clay and apply the mask on the face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Your face will be so clean and beautiful.

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source

6.Beautiful hands with this homemade hand and nail cream

If you’re part of  that category of women who can not live without hand cream, today we have for you a very simple hand and nail cream recipe with moisturizing properties, which you can be made at home. To prepare it, you will need 150 gr of coconut butter, a teaspoon of walnut oil and 2-3 drops of essential oil in any flavor you prefer.  All this ingredients can be  found in the supermarket, and your hand cream can be made for less than 10 minutes. You see how easy you can get your perfect and soft hands?

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source

7.Handmade mask for wrinkles and skin rejuvenation

If you are not that convinced with banana mask to get rid of the wrinkles, here is an other totally natural mixture that will help you say goodbye to the wrinkles that remind you that you are not that young anymore.  All the ingredients that you need for this mask, you already have at home. 3tbsp of rice, 1 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp of honey. Mix them all together and you will get the perfect remedy to get rid of the wrinkles .

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source

8.Six oils hair mask to get super glossy hair

Do you dream about glossy, long hair? We all do, but, achieving a hair like that can be a little difficult. That’s  why we have been searching for some natural mask that will make this wish come true easier, and we have found it. It’s a six oils mask that will make your hair brighter, glossier and shiner. The oils you need for it are: coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil.

8 Natural Remedies For Healtier Life And Beautiful Look source


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