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Quick Guide To Travel In Style

Did you miss traveling as much as I did? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us had to cancel our last summer holidays. Thanks to the lower government measurements and the re-opening of the borders, it seems like we are going to have the vacation we were waiting for for almost two years.  Now when we discovered how is it to quit all your plans and stay at home all the time, let’s use every moment possible to have an unforgettable holiday experience. Most of us, especially those who had to work from home, had to spend the last year and a half, dressed in pajamas or leggings. So, now when you are finally leaving home, do it in a style. For those traveling abroad, we have prepared a full quick guide to travel in style.

Packing for a vacation is definitely a fun activity. With the euphoria you feel for the moments that are about to come once you take the cocktail on your hands, laying under the sun in some landscaping environment, you may forget that packing the suitcase can be a little stressful too. When planning a holiday abroad, first make a little research about the fashion trends in the place you are traveling to. N body likes to look like a tourist in the holiday photos, right? Your perfect holiday photos don’t include you dressed in a white t-shirt with a camera strapped around your neck right?

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If yes, follow our guide to travel in style. You will be thankful you did it, once you leave the plane and step toward the holiday destination in a chic look. Just, don’t forget the comfort too. It is very important for you to be dressed in cozy clothes. Imagine having to spend five hours fly in uncomfortable jeans or heels. Always try to wear the clothes that make you feel fashionable and comfortable at once. Yes, it is possible to be both at the same time. And, below are presented all the essentials that will help you travel in style and comfort. Don’t forget to take them with you on the next holiday.

Cool sneakers

The sneakers trend is still going strong. Especially in the few last years, sneakers have become one of the most favorite shoewear for women around the world. Take full advantage of the trend and travel in style wearing your favorite and most comfortable sneakers. Don’t bring your fave limited edition one per se, but choose the ones that scream comfort and chic. Sneakers can instantly pull your outfit together, so choose wisely which ones to take with you.

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The denim shirtdress

Denim is forever. Ad denim dresses are among the most popular trends for spring/summer 2021. Travel in a style wearing your denim shirt dress. It will instantly create a no-fuss outfit perfect for traveling. The light material is ideal to be worn in warm temperatures. So, if you are visiting an extremely hot destination, here is what to dress to stay cool and fashionable. And, not to say a word about the pack-friendly side of the denim shirt. Or, about how easy is to throw it into the washing machine once you get home.

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Inexpensive jewelry

Forget about bringing the bling with you on your vacation. Traveling isn’t the time to show your most valuated jewelry pieces. Instead, pack some simple and minimalistic pieces. Avoid bringing jewelry with sentimental value because you can lose them or ruin them when exposing them to much water or sun. Mind to bring pieces that can easily work with every outfit.

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A bag with compartments

Keep you organized and well-looking while having your vacations, whit a leather bag with multiple pockets. Upgrade your backpack with a more fashion-forward bag. It will help you stay more organized (you will be surprised by the number of things you need to carry with you all the time while on holiday). And, at the same time, it will bring your outfit to a higher level. Travel in style and stay well organized.

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A jumpsuit

As well as the denim dress, the jumpsuit is a perfect piece to dress on when you don’t feel like coordinating an outfit. You can opt for a monochromatic or print-heavy (like floral-style, for example) jumpsuit. No matter which one you prefer, remember that a jumpsuit will always look put together.

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A leather jacket

A leather jacket has the power to make any basic outfit look WOW. Don’t forget to bring your own one with you when traveling. You can even bring it as carry-on luggage,  as airplanes do tend to be a little colder, and you don’t want to get cold, right? Also, keep in mind that even the hottest destinations tend to have cooler evenings, so you will need to have your jacket with you to keep you warmer while a night out.

Quick Guide To Travel In Style
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