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What to wear to a summer wedding

Long evenings, warm weather, gorgeous end-of-the-afternoon sunlight – there are loads of reasons why summer weddings rule. Everything just feels a little more festive in the summer, and the chance to tie the knot surrounded by the beauty of nature is a real treat. Plus golden rays of sunlight help create awesome photos!

What to wear to a summer wedding

When it comes to outfits, summer weddings offer a lot of options. Summer weddings tend to be a little less formal than winter weddings, so that means sun dresses, linen suits, and shoes without socks! But striking the right balance between style, comfort, and formality can be tricky when the dress codes are looser, so choosing what to wear to a summer wedding does come with some challenges.

So if you’ve been invited to a glorious affair at some California cruise destination or a fabulous outdoor location in the city, take a look below at our top tips on how to dress to impress!

General tips

It is always worth approaching summer weddings (and all weddings, if we are honest) with the principle that being too formal is preferable to being too casual. Etiquette-wise, looking like you haven’t made an effort is a real no-no. For summer weddings, aim for light, bright colors, and avoid white unless the dress code specifically requests it.

Summer weddings also tend to feature more varied venues, with the weather opening up the possibility of the beach, grass, or other outdoor locations. Sand means sandals and something comfortable, while if you are going to be on grass for long periods you might want to ditch the heels.

The weather is a big part of outfit planning for a summer wedding, and while you will want to stay cool and comfortable during the day, it is always worth packing something light to put on at night.


Formal summer weddings can mean long dresses with loose or slit sleeves for circulation, or even a smart jumpsuit (suitably accessorized, of course). Formal weddings for men tend to mean black-tie, but a blue tuxedo can be a great, summer alternative to trad black.


Light, linen suits for the guys, and don’t be afraid to ditch the tie! Wear a smart button-down shirt and you’ll still look the part. Maxi dresses with wedges are a great semi-formal choice for the ladies, offering comfort and style in a great package.


Floral, colourful sundresses are the go-to options for a casual summer wedding, and feel free to go for flats or sandals if you feel more comfortable. Guys can break out the chinos, an open-collar shirt, or even a smart polo, depending on the event.

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