The Active Man’s Guide to Accessorizing

If your man makes Bear Grylls look like a couch potato, you might think you can only get him more active wear and essential gear for special occasions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the sporty stud in your life could very well benefit from a bit of a makeover. This isn’t to say your guy isn’t fashionable, but a lot of active men spend more time thinking about how they can shave time off their mile than how they can dress and accessorize. Make it easy on him. Point him in the direction of this active man’s guide to accessorizing.

The Active Mans Guide to Accessorizing

Hats Off (Or, Really, On) To Him

While hats might hinder certain activities, sports such as golf and tennis nearly require them. Not only will a proper hat keep him from getting sunburned in peak season but it will also help his performance by keeping the sun from his eyes. Many men prefer visors, as these will cut down on sweat but, if your man is—ahem—folically challenged, a hat is a must to protect from the sun. Companies like Titleist, Patagonia, Nike, and others put out a many hat options for active men, so the possibilities are seemingly endless.

The Real Slim Shady

Sunglasses are a popular way for people to portray their sense of style and personality. Up until recently, wearing them during activities was often seen as optional. These days, everyone knows that sunglasses aren’t just there to be aesthetically pleasing; they protect our eyes from what might result in serious sun damage. The best affordable sunglasses for your man are only a click away, so throw some (good!) shade his way.

Say It with a Scarf or Neck Warmer

Cold weather sports can be brutal on the neck, as many jackets don’t do an adequate job of covering this area. Many men somehow have this notion that they can’t pull off scarves, but hasn’t Lenny Kravitz taught us anything? While a neck warmer or bandana might be optimal for his time on the mountain, a scarf for the après-ski portion of the day will be where fashion and function merge.

The Active Mans Guide to Accessorizing

Woo Him with a Watch

There are two kinds of men in this world—those who use their cell phone to tell time and those who use a proper timepiece. We certainly hope your man is the latter but, if not, it’s time to put a watch at the top of the gift list. What’s great is the plethora of options to choose from when selecting a watch for the active guy. From watches that work underwater and those with a GPS, to watches that will keep his running/racing pace and those that keep heartrates, a timepiece for the man on the go takes a gift from good to great. Or click here for a few more ideas.

Show Your Love with Shoes

We’ll admit that buying shoes for other people can be challenging, as the sizing can be hard and shoe style preference can be very subjective. Don’t let this deter you, though, as active men are particularly hard on shoes. Keep your guy safe by helping him replace his shoes and sneakers in time so he can avoid back issues, knee problems, and more. And once you get the hang of what he likes, picking out shoes will be easy peasy.

Bring Music to His Ears

Some hardcore athletes shun using music when they work out so they can focus and up their intensity. Most of us, however, love tunes to accompany our workouts. If your man doesn’t have an iPod, headphones, or another way to access music while getting his adventure on, this could be the perfect gift. Get him some wireless headphones so he can enjoy hearing music while leaving his hands free for his activity of choice.

Accessorizing could be the last thing on your hustling hunk’s mind but that doesn’t mean he has to look like a rumpled mess either. Get your active man anything from this list of accessories and he’ll look fab when he goes straight from the course to a post-golf meal.

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