Amazing: What Happens When You Stop Using Shampoo For 31 Days

Can you imagine letting your hair without washing with shampoo for 30 days? Maybe when you read this on the first glance you will say that this is impossible and that maybe your hair will be so damaged e.t.c. but continue with the reading of this article. Margaret Badore of Tree Hugger did a ‘no shampoo experiment’ for 31 days. She exactly demonstrates what happens with the hair every day. Each hair type is different and the results will be different for everyone but you will be amazed when you will see her results.

She had replaced the chemicals with simple baking soda and she never think of using a chemical shampoo again.
The results clearly indicate that not only is baking soda a better alternative for the texture of the hair immediately after washing, but that stopping the use of chemical shampoo restores the natural strength of the hair and the ability for the hair to remain clean without need to be washed.

Actually these shows that our body i.e your hair has its own mechanism for care and to be always on the perfect level. She said that when she was using a chemicals she used to wash her hair every day and now, using a baking soda only, her hair get greasy after 4 days.


The image below shows her before and after picture 20 days without shampoo. “Left: 20 days without shampoo. Right: After washing with baking soda.” What you say? Will you do the same experiment on your hair?

Amazing: What Happens When You Stop Using Shampoo For 31 Days


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