Animal Jewelry – What’s Your Spirit Animal?


Are you playful like a dolphin or fierce like a wolf? Do you possess the ability to rule like a lion, or are you focused like an eagle? Do you believe in the concept of spirit animal? Do you know what your spirit animal is? Which animal jewelry should you wear? Let’s find out through this blog.

Animal Jewelry   What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Ever wondered which of the animal from their kingdom best relates to your wild soul? Your spirit animal is the one to whom you feel the most connected. It may be because you both possess the same characteristics or personality traits. Or you may be drawn to some of their qualities that you feel related to. For instance, if you have true leadership qualities or are impulsive and competitive, a Cheetah tends to be your spirit animal.

Purpose of Spirit Animals

Spirit animals hold different purposes for different people or communities. For some, these are a source of immense wisdom. Some others believe that their spirit animal accompanies them on their life journey. It is also believed that spirit animals may guide you during a major life event or when you have to make tough life decisions. These also help you overcome life obstacles. Further, your spirit animal may reveal itself even when you do not consciously ask for help.

Whenever your soul needs, your spirit animal will uncover itself to help.

Your spirit animal also helps to take a deeper look within yourself and realize your true self. This is one of the most popular roles of spirit animals. People strongly believe that their spirit animal represents the qualities that they often or others may see within them.

Animal Jewelry   What’s Your Spirit Animal?

In other words, your spirit animal symbolically represents who you are to your core. This can be realized by analyzing the traits and habits you have in common. You may also realize that the qualities and virtues you are inspired by are exactly the same qualities inherited by your spirit animal. And once you have this realization, you may find yourself growing more in alignment with those amazing qualities.

Some also believe that these are guides and angels of the Universe in the form of animals. Hence, having these animals around is like being under the blessings of angels. But is it practically possible to have a lion or cheetah around? Certainly not!

But, don’t worry! Wearing animal jewelry can fulfill the purpose here. You can choose to wear animal jewelry based on your spirit animal and flaunt your personality confidently and fashionably.

Let’s find out what’s your spirit animal to simplify your task of choosing the right animal jewelry. Keep reading to know about different spirit animals.

Spirit Animals & Their Symbolic Meanings


Animal Jewelry   What’s Your Spirit Animal?

The eight-armed sea creature is intelligent and full of wisdom. The octopus is also capable of solving problems and finding its way out. Further, an octopus represents adaptability and flexibility. So, if you can relate to the octopus, you should choose to wear octopus jewelry. Try wearing a silver octopus pendant or a bracelet, and you are ready to slay!


Snakes often represent emotional healing and play the role of a guide. This spirit animal represents spiritual transformation and positivity. The snake is your spirit animal if your friends come to you whenever they need advice. The snake also facilitates life events to happen smoothly.

So, if the snake is your spirit animal, you can try wearing snake-themed animal jewelry in the form of bracelets or maybe a Serpent ring. Grip your wrist in style and show off the fancy look while getting the blessing of your spirit animal. Heal and flaunt your voguish look!


Known for its strong and confident spirit, the bear is a born leader. The bear also tells the significance of rest and solitude. So, even when you head your pack, take a break to enjoy some alone time. Wearing a silver or metallic bear ring can be the best way to connect to your spirit animal.


The lion represents unparalleled strength and courage. It is unwavering and fierce and asserts personal power. The lion also stands for the struggle to deal with inner feelings. So, if you have the heart of a lion, the lion’s head ring or pendant can be the ideal animal jewelry for you. Wearing this jewelry and make an entry like a boss wherever you go.


Who doesn’t love this playful or joyous creature? Dolphins stand for friendliness, kindness, and playfulness. These are also very creative and quick learners. Dolphins also symbolize prosperity, majesty, and affection.

Animal Jewelry   What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Dolphin jewelry is quite popular among women. If you believe a dolphin to be your spirit animal, try wearing a silver dolphin pendant or necklace with your dress and make everyone fall for you, just like this spirit animal.


Just like spirits and guides have an influence on our lives, our spirit animals do have some or the other significance for each of us. Of course, one should have a strong belief in them. So, if you too have a spirit animal with whom you can relate and seek guidance, wearing animal jewelry can be fruitful. Head over to the internet and start exploring your options to buy the best animal jewelry online.

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