How to Achieve the Clean Girl Makeup Look?

The clean girl makeup look is trending on social media and gaining popularity among several women. The no-makeup face, avoiding cakey makeup, giving a classic style, is becoming the favorite of many women. There are several advantages to doing this makeup, starting from very little time to apply to perfect coverage of all the flaws in the face.

How to Achieve the Clean Girl Makeup Look?

The essentials

The clean girl makeup look requires a good concealer, lash extensions, some simple under-eye makeup, brow coverage using the best eyebrow stencil kit, and a tinted lip balm. Some easy applied DIY lash extensions are a perfect match for this look, creating the ideal always active eyes. Lilac St, Mac, Sweed, and Eylure offer lashes that you will certainly admire. Choices are many, but the thick lashes from Lilac St. are more suitable for formal parties than daily use.

5 step perfect makeup

Start by prepping your face with a good sunscreen, which will act as a primer. Apply concealer to get the even skin tone and move on to under-eye makeup. The highlight of this makeup is the glowing undereye, which gives a neat and fresh look. Choose the best under-eye cream which provides the required glow and eliminates the need to apply a highlighter.

The fourth step is eye makeup which includes filling the brow to make it look thicker, false eyelashes, and applying a thick layer of mascara. The fifth step is applying a tinted lip balm which you can also use on your cheeks if required.

The smudge-free eye

The hardest part of applying makeup is making your eyes look attractive and getting the right looks suitable for the occasion. The clean girl makeup requires you to do it in two steps – taking care of the brows by applying get and combing it upwards. Fill it with the required shade of black or brown to make it look thick and cover all bald spots.

The second step is applying thick and perfectly cut eyelashes and applying mascara on them liberally. Since there is no other specific eye makeup, the eyes look bigger naturally with the thick lashes made darker by mascara quotes. It is healthy for the eye, too, as not many products get used around the soft eye area, and there is no need to worry about smudging.

Natural but alluring lips

Natural-looking attractive lips are hard to achieve as they require a lot of effort, and applying too many products will make the lips look artificial. Apply a tinted lip balm that goes well with your outfit for this makeup, giving a very subtle yet glowing look to your lips. Avoid using lip liners and making the lips look extra big or pouting, and let them shine in their natural form.

Reapply the tinted lip balm as many times as you need throughout the day to keep the lips fresh always. Apply lipstick lightly in the required shade below the tint to enhance the color effect.

Non-cakey skin

The specialty of this makeup is the natural non-makeup-looking skin which is still perfect, hiding all the blemishes and giving an even skin tone. Since only one layer of concealer gets applied over sunscreen, choose the best brand that will last long. Pay attention to choosing the best shade that fits your face and ask the advice of counter experts if necessary.

Use a blotting paper throughout the day to suck the extra oil and retouch as and when necessary with a dusting powder of the same shade or the same concealer. If necessary, apply a light highlighter when the makeup starts to fade away to give that long-lasting glow.

Special care for under eyes

Women can achieve the clean girl makeup look only by taking extra care to get that perfect under-eye coverage. It must cover all the wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes through flawless, glowing makeup. Apply a quality under-eye concealer mixed with an excellent, bright cream highlighter under the eyes.

Choose the concealer palette with various contour and concealing shades to correct the under-eye area. Use a semi-wet sponge to get the perfect complexion and cover it with the best concealer suitable for your skin shade. Daily practice will enable you to do it within a couple of minutes and last till the end of the day.

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