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Things To Consider When Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Amidst the joyous birthday soiree, glittering lights, elating and dynamic music, delectable buffet all you look for is a wide grin on your child’s face!

Birthdays are exhilarating even to the 80-year-olds! We can only imagine how much they mean to kids.


Birthdays not only give immense and immeasurable joy in the moment but they also create extremely happy memories.

It’s no surprise you desire everything to be phenomenal on your kid’s birthday. This can be highly daunting. But nothing can go wrong with a pre-plan! This way you ensure nothing is missed out and your child has the flawless party that they deserve!

Here are a few aspects to consider which make your task easier-

1] Choose a Theme

Didn’t you always want to be Elsa from Frozen, or didn’t you admire Minions, Harry Potter, The Lion King, Oswald!

Children live for cartoons and Disney shows! They are highly allured by anything related to their favorite shows! Wouldn’t providing them with the same environment on their birthday be fascinating!

Things To Consider When Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Themes are not obligatory, but there’s nothing disadvantageous about them. Choose themes that align with your child’s interests. It could be a character, a place the child would like to visit, or literally anything the child adores. Let them feel like the central character on their day and they’ll carry the day with them forever.

2] Make Your Guest List

Determine who all you will be inviting. Include everyone your child loves. You need to decide if you want to invite only your child’s friends or your family as well. The number of people you call relies on the location. You wouldn’t like cramming your child’s birthday place, would you? Make sure the number of people you invite; easily and comfortably fit in.

3] Decide On A Location

Celebrating within the comfort of your walls sure is beautiful and economic but when deciding to arrange a party at home; you need to think it through.

Celebrating at home implies you host the party, which gives you and your family negligible opportunity to relish the day!

Venues offer activities, games, a host and cover for setting and cleaning everything up. The load is off your shoulders! You don’t have to stress about managing the entire event, venues do it for you.

Things To Consider When Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Once you settle on celebrating at a venue, take the weather into consideration. Having an outdoor party when it’s raining cats and dogs won’t really be ideal, will it?

Contemplate your budget. Setting up a budget can help you shortlist the relevant locations. Certain places have age criteria. Ensure the place works for your child’s age group.

4] Cuisine

As it is quite often stated, “Good food is good mood”. Food undeniably forms a crucial part of a party! Decide on a cuisine suitable for your guests. Inquire your guests about their allergies. Order food at the right time. No one likes cold food unless it’s DESSERT’S!

Do not forget to include desserts. Nothing can top ending the party on a sweet note. It won’t be an exaggeration to say cupcakes are a superior option over cakes since they are simpler to manage. Moreover, they come in a plethora of flavors and are highly appetizing!

5] Budget

You can’t proceed with your plan without taking the budget into consideration. The location, cuisine, number of guests, games and everything else relies on your budget hence get a clear idea of your finances and monetary expense that you can afford.

6] Decoration Props

Decoration props include everything from balloons, party hats to tablecloths, birthday banners etc. Venues generally provide decoration props but you can have them customized as per your requirement. If hosting a party at home then you need to get all of these in order.

Another important aspect to consider is music; since nothing is complete without music and moves! And a short video message from your loved ones for the birthday kid can add a surprising element to the day! So, how do you compile a birthday video message for your kids that will make your child smile from ear to ear?

End the day by presenting a video clip that talks about your child! This requires you to collaborate with everyone close to your kid and merge their wishes, happy memories, funny moments and pictures into a video. This ride down the memory lane will make your kid realize just how immensely they are loved and valued! Celebrate helps you make impeccable videos!

Things To Consider When Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Planning a house party can put tons of responsibilities on you; you might lose out on highly special moments. With venues, you can sit back, relax, and get the most out of your child’s birthday.

As Maya Angelou quotes “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”. Let this be that breathtaking moment for your little one. It is imperative to have a backup plan. Bestow your kid with a day that becomes their most treasured memory; a day that they cherish throughout their life.

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