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Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners

Since we have talked about the lucrative reasons to take up sewing, it is time to teach you some basic sewing skills before you start sewing on your own. Sewing for beginners may seem a little difficult at first. But, believe us it is not difficult at all. Once you teach some basic sewing skills, it will be the easiest project you have taken in your entire life. In order to achieve better results in your sewing projects, we recommend you master beginner’s sewing patterns. Here is a list of all the skills for sewing for beginners that will nudge you in the right direction. Pay attention to them.

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The Sewing Lingo

Before you jump into a sewing project, it is essential to learn the terminology. Buy yourself a sewing skills book. Or, visit some online classes to help you enter the world of sewing terminology. You may learn all the terms on the job. But, it is a little inconvenient to search through the dictionary all the time you meet a new term while completing a project, right? So, get prepared before you start.

Get Comfortable

You may have read somewhere that famous designers can spend days or sometimes even months working on the same project. And that is absolutely true. Sewing projects can take hours or even days. Especially, if you are a beginner. They can create such a mess around you, especially if you are still teaching the basic sewing skills. So, one of the most important things to do is to have a spot in the house where you can enjoy your sewing hobby in peace and comfort.

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners source

Choose The Right Sewing Machine

The sewing machine will be your best friend during the projects. Choose it wisely. Sewing machines come in different sizes with different specifications. It is essential to choose the one that best suits your needs as a sewer.

Sewing For Beginners In Operating A Sewing Machine

Now that you have chosen your sewing machine, it is time to understand it.  In order to improve your sewing machine skills, you need to know how to operate the device.

The first thing to learn is to insert and remove the sewing machine needle. It may appear some accidents while replacing the sewing machine’s needle. In order to avoid them, read well the instructions that come with the sewing machine. Once you try it few times, it will become a routine and you will see the easy it is to be done.

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners source

The second thing to do is to adjust your sewing machine tension. It determines how your stitches will come out, so it is so important to adjust it right. Incorrect sewing machine tension can cause the stitches to be or too slack or too tight, which is wrong in both cases.

Last, thread your sewing machine. It may look a little complicated to do it, especially for beginners. But, once again! Read the instructions of the sewing machine. Follow them and it will be easier for you to tread the sewing machine. Some machines even come with numbered parts to guide you!

Choose The Right Sewing Needle And Thread

Needles have different types for different needlework. That is why you need to choose the right one. For example, you can’t use a regular point needle for quilting because it can break. And broken needles are really boring to look for when layered with fabric scraps.

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners source

Also, consider choosing the right thread. There are some combinations of thread that can work only with specific types of fabrics. So, before starting your new sewing machine, try to learn these combinations better. You wouldn’t like to waste all day before you realize that you are working on a silk project using cotton thread.

Sewing Techniques To Learn

One of the basics of sewing is to learn how to sew a straight stitch. You can do it using the sewing machine. And, it is one of the easiest stitches to do. Just don’t be fooled by its sewing difficulty level, because actually, it is also one of the most versatile stitches to sew.

Another type of stitch you can sew using the sewing machine is the zigzag one. These stitches are mostly used for decorative purposes.

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners source

Gathering the fabric is one of the sewing techniques that are easier to do by hand. However, one of the basic sewing skills is to learn to do it using a sewing machine. If you are a beginner willing to master a sewing project, then put this technique on your to-do list.

Almost every piece of clothes or accessories comes with a zipper as an integral part. So, it is impossible to finish a sewing project without learning how to sew a zipper. Is a must to learn indeed!

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners source

Another sewing technique you need to master is the art of sewing a button. Buttons are absolutely everywhere: on pants, shirts, dresses… Don’t miss to learn the technique of sewing buttons using funky, complimentary threads.

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners source

Sewing By Using Sewing Patterns

If you are a beginner, then we recommend you to sew by following sewing patterns. They are convenient and perfect for implementing new projects. Following the instructions of the pattern will make it easier for you to complement the project. Once you become more familiar to the method, you can start creating your own patterns.

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners  source

Sewing Without Using Sewing Patterns

Sometimes, you need to sew a garment without a pattern. This may happen when you can’t find the desired size pattern in the store That is why you need to learn some tricks on how to sew without a pattern in order to avoid such problems.

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners source

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