Beard Care: Can I Wash My Beard With Normal Shampoo?

The beard had made a tremendous comeback in recent years, thanks to celebrities sporting massive facial hair paired with chic haircuts and expensive suits. Suddenly, beards were no longer symbols of sloth but a bold statement of confidence and manliness.

Beard Care: Can I Wash My Beard With Normal Shampoo?

As this has happened over the past years, there have also been some challenges to keep it looking good. The question of maintenance has been harder for some. That’s why it’s vital to know more about beard maintenance and how to effectively do it. One method is to use a quality shampoo to keep a beard maintained well.


While men in Ancient Greece would’ve known all there is to know about beard care, oils, and grooming, and again in the 1800s, men were diligent and meticulous about their beards, after the clean-shaven look came into popularity for the ’80s, 90s, and 2000s, by now many men who are returning to the bearded look aren’t aware of the ancient art of beard maintenance. Instead many simply assume beards take care of themselves and require little to no maintenance. However, as men around the world embraced the facial hair look a few more questions that came to light in terms of beard care.

Beard Care

As beard culture has grown, so too has the interest in beard care and beard products. At first, men may wonder if they should simply wash with regular shampoo. There also might be an instance if you should wash your beard with beard shampoo at all. Washing your beard is important despite what you might’ve originally thought. While normal shampoo might work ok, remember, your beard hair is different than the hair on the top of your head. Bar soaps and body washes are even harsher on your facial hair. Also, your beard is essentially right underneath your nose all day. While you might be indifferent to your regular shampoo if you’re going to use it and be forced to smell it constantly you may want to look for a specific beard shampoo with a scent you don’t just tolerate but enjoy.

Soften That Beard

The most common gripe from men growing a beard is that itch. Building a full beard can be annoying as those bristles can irritate your skin and others who are trying to get close to you. It’s another reason why you want to consider using a specific beard shampoo as regular shampoos can strip the moisture out of your beard and dry out your skin. Instead, good beard shampoo and beard oil regimen will work to keep your beard soft and moist. Investing in a good beard balm and beard comb and making it part of your daily routine will help you get the most out of your facial hairstyle while staving off that dreaded beard itch. Just remember, you don’t need to wash your beard every day, even just once every couple of days is perfect.

If you’re still having trouble keeping your beard soft and your skin underneath moist, you may want to also consider a beard conditioner which has the added benefit of adding a second layer of hydration.


Regular brushing and trim is key in the fight against tangles and split ends. Along with using the right products like oils and balms, regularly combing, brushing, and trimming can help in making your beard look like a gruff movie star and less like a castaway.

Maintaining the overall quality and health of a beard isn’t that hard. It just takes commitment and the use of quality products, such as a beard shampoo, to accomplish this feat. When this is done, the beard itself will grow healthy and strong without making you look bad.

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