Buying dresses for apple shape? Here’s what you need to know

Buying dresses for apple shape? Here’s what you need to know

Finding dresses that flatter unique frames is an essential aspect to consider for looking confident. While you might already have an idea of what looks the best on you, choosing the perfect outfit among various silhouettes, styles, fabrics, and more. The robust impetus of inclusivity has driven the transition in the fashion industry. As a result of which, from luxury brands to local retailers, you will easily find dresses for apple shape measurements. For an apple shaped body, the midriff or belly is usually one of the most prominent aspects of this body, therefore the term “apple shape.” Suppose you’re aware of your body shape and know what styles accentuate your assets and conceals the attention where it is not required. If you’re planning to buy Apple figure dresses, choose clothes that make the midsection narrow and take a more proportional body shape. This guide will assist you with the best advice to highlight the best ways a circle shaped body can choose the right dresses for apple shaped body type.

What is an apple body?

The apple shape is often referred to as a circular or round shape determined with the measurements. The shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are reasonably uniform, with shoulders and hips slightly narrower. The waistline is defined, and the bust is large. With increasing inclusivity, various brands are expanding their cocktail, evening, and prom dresses for apple shape body.

Buying dresses for apple shape? Here’s what you need to know

Styling the Apple shaped body

The apple shaped body appears heavier from the top due to a full chest and upper body with little or no waist definition. Therefore, when shopping for homecoming or wedding dress style for apple shape, avoid straight cut skirts and dresses or high waisted trousers, unless you’re a very slim apple. Instead, opt for a silhouette that balances out the upper body, choose clothes that add fullness and accentuates the lower body. In addition, before you invest in Designer dresses for apple shaped body, ensure that the clothing emphasizes the midsection and highlights a more defined waist. It is recommended for a plus size apple shape body to opt for clothing that fits straight to slightly fitted but soft fabric to avoid unnecessary bulk near the midriff, waist area. For casual wear for apple shape, detail on the hemline accentuates the legs and camouflage extra weight.

Buying dresses for apple shape? Here’s what you need to know


With necklines for the apple pear body type, choose a style that breaks up the chest vertically to create a visual separation between the bust and midriff. Heading to a formal evening? Choose an apple shape formal dress or any other evening ensemble with a wide neckline to ensure the shoulders are proportional to the low neckline that elongates the chest. From cocktail dress apple green to other dresses tailored for apple shape statuette, a low V neckline. An added tip is to avoid high cut and narrow necklines that conceal the chest and other visually narrow shoulders.

Buying dresses for apple shape? Here’s what you need to know


Sleeves can often be your savior in disguise. To conceal attention from the torso, sleeves for apple body dresses accentuate the upper bodies and arms. Choosing flared sleeves adds volume to the upper body with detailed sleeves, slits, and draped fabrics.

Silhouettes and Styles

Dresses for apple body shape skims near the midsection without clinging to the body. Opt for A line dresses, empire cut styles, and bias cut silhouettes are great examples for concealing the attention from the mid-riff. Choose wrap dresses as they tailor the midriff by visually lifting the bust. Accessories like belts in the waist pull in the weight without bulking the material or fabric near the torso; with narrow shoulders, the hemline flares in an outward direction.

Buying dresses for apple shape? Here’s what you need to know

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