Different Types of Ceramic Cookware You Should Have As a Homeowner

Do you like cooking? If yes, you must know that it requires special equipment in your kitchen. If not, you probably love eating, and somebody cooks for you every day. In both cases, we all need two things at home to prepare a delicious dinner, mainly- food and cookware.

Different Types of Ceramic Cookware You Should Have As a Homeowner

But how to choose the best type of kitchen utensils? There are so many available on the market, but generally, we can divide them into metal and non-metallic cookware. The first one consists of vessels made from, for example, aluminium, copper, cast iron, or stainless steel.

The other group can be ceramic, glass, stone, or silicone. Now, we’ll focus only on ceramic cookware that you should possess as a homeowner. Why? Because it’s the type of cookware baked in a kiln and glazed, which means that it’s absolutely safe and healthy. However, you should remember not to cook at high heat, but rather at low to medium heat, because high temperature may damage the protective glaze.

Except for that slight drawback, ceramic cookware offers a lot of benefits. It improves the quality of food since vessels are nonstick, and we don’t need to use so much oil while cooking meals. Additionally, it’s easy to clean, and some of them can be washed in a dishwasher if they have the label “dishwasher safe”. Finally, there is a wide range of different types of ceramic cookware which we can buy in-home appliance stores. For those who still don’t know what kinds of ceramics exist, we present the top 10 ceramic cookware.

  1. Stockpots

They are the most commonly used pots worldwide, usually intended to make stock or broth. They are quite wide and tall, with two handles and a lid with a handle on the top. Everyone who has ever made broth, which is believed to be a soup base, stew, and many other meals, knows that this vessel is a must-have in every kitchen.

  1. Saucepans

They are much smaller than stockpots, but also round and usually only with one long handle. They are used for simmering and boiling. You can make in it, for example, a delicious porridge for breakfast. If you prefer just cereal with milk, you can also use a ceramic saucepan to warm up your milk. So, they seem necessary on a daily basis, even for total cooking ignorants.

  1. Frying pans

Another kitchen utensil without which any respected chef won’t start cooking is a frying pan. There are many different types of frying pans, ranging from pancake or omelette pans to grill pans. But don’t worry – you don’t need all of them in your kitchen. It’ll be enough if you have only one but of good quality.

  1. Casserole pots

They are actually one of the universal dishes you may possess. Lots of recipes such as chicken, potato, or pasta casseroles are made just in this unique vessel, which you can put safely to the oven.

  1. Braising and roasting pans

Their names are usually shortened to “braisers” and “roasters”. They are large and full, typically of the shape of rectangle or oval, used mostly for roasting some kind of meat, like chicken, beef, or pork.

  1. Sauté pans and woks

As weird as these names sound, they are nothing else than wide pans, used respectively to sautéing – cooking with a small amount of oil, and deep-frying. Whereas sauté pans are quite standard, woks originate from China. That’s why the wok is a perfect vessel to prepare Chinese food.

  1. Cutlery 

Making all these dishes in the utensils mentioned above is impossible without proper cutlery, especially different types of spoons, thanks to which you can mix all ingredients. Among them, we can also distinguish ladles and skimmers.

  1. Dishes

Besides cookware used directly for cooking, there are also ceramic dishes on which we can serve our tasty meals. They look a little bit old-fashioned, but that’s the case. They can be both plain and with different colourful patterns, which makes them original.

  1. Mugs and cups

Similarly to dishes, you can possess ceramic mugs and cups to drink hot tea, coffee, or chocolate. Imagine the astonishment on your friend’s face if you serve them a hot drink in such a cup. They’ll be positively surprised.

  1. Tea and coffee pots

Serving tea or coffee in a ceramic cup seems nice, but it’s incomplete without a ceramic tea or coffee pot. They’ll enrich every coffee service so that the 5 o’clock tea will be sheer enjoyment. So don’t forget about an elegant coffee set while having guests.

To conclude, these types of ceramic cookware are only one of many that all homeowners should have. But they are the most crucial, and if you possess at least some of them, you are ready to prepare a delicious and healthy meal, free of toxic Teflon, very often found in other types of coatings.

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