HiPP vs Holle: The Ultimate Organic Baby Formula Comparison

Formula feeding is getting more and more popular in the modern world as it has lots of conveniences and benefits for young parents. For some babies they come as a go-to, enrich them with necessary nutrients and help live a healthy and happy life. At the same time, parents come across some difficulties while looking for the most suitable formula for their little one as there are a bunch of them on the market.

But the main idea is to find milk which has stood the test of time, has a perfect content for your kid’s requirements, is safe and beneficial. Lots of experts recommend European organic baby formulas as the best quality milk. HiPP and Holle brands are present on this list and you’ve probably heard of them. So let’s dive deeper into this topic and compare them.

HiPP vs Holle: The Ultimate Organic Baby Formula Comparison

HiPP and Holle similarities:

  • They are both European brands and follow strict rules and measures in comparison with US formulas;
  • Their milk is organic, which means free of adverse ingredients as antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and other additives that may harm a little one;
  • They resemble breast milk, which is quite important for mothers who are unable to breastfeed. Their nutrients are close to those found in mother’s milk;
  • They are free of sugar and they use natural sweeteners instead. HiPP milk has a lactose sweetener, while Holle uses a plant-based sweetener called maltodextrin;
  • They are conscious about the risk of some diseases caused by vegetable oils, that’s why they highly process them;
  • As HiPP and Holle are European brands, they are more difficult to find in the US, so if you’re currently there, you can only get them online.

HiPP and Holle differences

HiPP formulas:

  • Most of them have prebiotics and prebiotics. These two elements are beneficial for good gut work and their advantages to the digestive system. They are able to prevent colic, constipation, diarrhea and other issues;
  • They are perfect for babies with sensitive tummies as their composition has easy-digestive ingredients;
  • HiPP offers other kinds of organic food for babies besides milk, so it’s also useful while weaning and trying solids;
  • These products can be cheaper than Holle.

Holle formulas:

  • They lack prebiotics and probiotics;
  • Holle offers cow’s milk as well as goat’s milk. This is quite beneficial for kids with sensitive tummies and those who have a light form of lactose allergy;
  • It produces a whole milk based formula, Holle PRE.

Speciality options which HiPP and Holle formulas offer

HiPP formulas

Beside the usual formulas that can be suitable for an average baby, HiPP offers a lot of other options for kids with different peculiarities. This brand is well-known for being perfect for sensitive tummies. So, among those on the supermarket shelves you’ll find hypoallergenic, anti-reflux and comfort formulas. They are quite easy for babies to process, so if your little one is struggling with allergies or gastroenterological issues, give HiPP formulas a try.

Holle formulas

Holle brand is valued for its goat milk formulas. Goat’s milk has lots of advantages, but the biggest one is that it’s easy for children to digest as it contains proteins similar to breast milk. If your little one is slightly allergic to cow’s milk, your pediatrician would probably recommend trying Holle baby formula stage 1 or others which are made of goat’s milk. Moreover, these formulas are a perfect supplement to breast milk as well. So, it’s surely worth it.

Both HiPP and Holle baby formulas have their high place on the market and are recommended by many experts and families. They surely cope with their task and enrich babies with the best nutrients. All you need is to find the specific formula which is able to satisfy your little one. Good luck!

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