how long will bras last

How long do bras last ? All You Need To Know To Make Them Last Longer

We all know the importance of bras in women’s life. Women spend an enormous amount of money buying the right bras. But, no matter the price and the quality, any bras become dead after many uses. And, it is then when it is time to be finally replaced with new ones. The question is when the right time to do it is. Many women walk around wearing bras that should be replaced months or even years ago, and they don’t even know it was the time to replace it. In order to avoid such mistakes, here is what you should know about taking care of your bras. Many women would ask how long do bras last? The answer is, there is not a true or false answer to the question. Indeed, it depends.

It depends on many factors how long do your bras last. Before I list you some of the most important ones, let’s answer three main questions. The first one is when the time to say goodbye to your old bra is. The second one is how long do your bras last and on which factors depend their lasting. And the last one is how to help your bra last longer.

How long do bras last ? All You Need To Know To Make Them Last Longer source

When it is time to say goodbye to your old bras?

The most important thing is to identify when your bras are “dead” and it is time to finally replace it. Remember, no bra ever will last for years. That is why you should throw it away once it is “dead”. There are many signs that will show you when the time to say goodbye to your old bras is. For example, as your bra stretches out over time, you will need to wear it on the tightest hook, which is normal. However, bra experts at The Better Fit share that if you’re wearing your bra on the tightest hook and it is still not secure or riding up your back, that is a sign you need to replace that bra. When your bra is covered in stains or splotches, it is another sign that you need to get yourself a new bra.

Or, when the elastic is so stretched out that it does not bounce back anymore. You need to replace your bra when the hooks are broken or ripped out, or when the cups have lost their shape. Do you hate those awful and painful moments when wires poke through the cup and you feel the pain in your body? Well, it is another sign it is time to throw away the old bra.  Another thing to have in mind when considering throwing away your old bra is the shape of your body. If your body has changed and you are slimmer or fatter it is time to change your bras size too.

What factors affect the lifetime of your bras?

How many years do bras last? Years? I would not say years at all. How long do bras last? There may not be a unique answer, but it is considered that a bra’s lifetime is about 6 to 9 months. But, as mentioned above, there are many factors that affect how long do your bras last. Here are some of them:

The number of bras: This is one of the main factors that affect your bras lifetime. If you have more bras in your wardrobe, they will last you longer. The logic? Take in mind that you have only three bras. When you divide 365 days of the year with three bras you have, you will wear each bra an average of 121 times during the year. If you have 5 on the other hand, you will wear each bra 73 times during the year. So, the most bras you have, the less often you will need to wear each one and the longer they will last.

How long do bras last ? All You Need To Know To Make Them Last Longer source 

The cup size: For example, if you are wearing an N cup, then have in mind that they won’t last you long. On the other hand, if you wear an A cup, it may not work as well as an N cup, but it will definitely last longer.  The H cup is really making the bra work, but you may consider that it is going to last you as long as the A cup.

Nursing: There is one unwritten rule: Nursing moms have to replace their bras more often. The main reason is that your cup is bigger than before, so your old bras will work harder. Breasts full of milk are also heavier which is not helping your old bra too. And having to pull the cup down and up to feed the baby also will affect the elasticity of your bra making is keener to be damaged.

Quality: The materials bras are made of are another factor affecting the lifetime of your bra. Lacy styled bras bay be sexy and good looking, but they won’t last you long.

Washing: Thee killer number one to your bras is the washing and drying process. Washing bras in the washing machine to be more précis! Using harsh soap to wash them will also stretch out the band and will make your bra last shorter.

How to make your bra last longer?

How long can bras last if you take proper care of them? Or better to say, how to make your bras last longer?

How long do bras last ? All You Need To Know To Make Them Last Longer source 

As mentioned before, having more bras in the wardrobe is one of the ways to make them last longer. If you have more bras to rotate you won’t have to wear each one so often and they will last you longer. Another way to make your bra long-lasting is to avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row. Washing them properly will save your bra many months’ life. If you wash them in the washing machine, be ready to say goodbye to it sooner. Washing it with regular detergent will also kill it sooner. Investing in quality bras is also one way to make them last longer. Buying sturdy elastic, reliable stitching materials of bras is another guarantee for a longer bra’s life.

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