Everything You Need to Know About Rugs

Jute Rug is a very important product in interior design. These rugs are also among other options used for Home Décor. As we enter into the world of creativity and better designs, Jute Rugs are definitely in the minds of the people. Jute Rugs were not always in fashion. Recently, people have begun preferring these rugs. They have created hype and there is hardly anyone who is not considering one of these rugs for his/her house.

Everything You Need to Know About Rugs

Unlike other kinds of Rug, Jute Rugs exhibit a different kind of experience to its buyers. Many online stores are selling these rugs. Jute Rugs have become a separate segment. E.g., Lawrence of La Brea rugs has a unique segment of Jute Rugs. You may refer to other Rug companies as well for a better idea. If you are listening about these Jute Rugs for the first time, then let me tell you what they mean.

What Are Jute Rugs

A Jute Rug is the most eco-friendly products found in recent times. These rugs enhance the beauty of every room displaying them. Additionally, they give an organic touch to every space. All the Jute rugs are made from fibers known as hessian. These are long fibers that are spun and weaved to create strands. Artisan uses different kinds of dried plants to make these Jute Rugs. In most cases, the dried plants are left to their original color. However, some of them are colored using organic dyes. It gives them a vibrant and fresh look.

Every Jute Rug is unique in its way and adds natural beauty to the room displaying them. You need not maintain them regularly. The most amazing part of these rugs is that they do not require any machinery to clean them. Apart from being Cost-Effective, these rugs are affordable as compared to Persian Rugs.

Why Prefer Jute Rugs Over Other?

As mentioned above, we have recently witnessed a surge in their demand. These rugs have created hype in the Rugs industry. Let us know what is so special about them.


As compared to other kinds of Rugs, Jute Rugs are eco-friendly. They are made using plants. While most of these rugs do not require color, many artisans apply dye on these rugs. The dyes used on these rugs are also made using organic and natural products like flowers, etc.


As compared to other kinds of rugs, the price of Jute Rugs is comparatively low. This is because these rugs are made entirely out of natural products. The fiber used to make these rugs grown in huge quantities.

Highly Durable

Anything made out of organic products lasts longer. The same is the case for Jute Rugs. They are made out of strong fibers that are both strong and durable. These rugs can handle extensive foot-traffic, thereby making them the most durable rugs in the market.

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