How To Design Your Home To Match Your Personal Style

Everyone has their own personality and style, and that is most easily seen and manifested in their clothes and how they look at fashion. It’s relatively easy to show people what your personality is like and what you enjoy simply by dressing in the way you want to. When it comes to your home, however, this is not quite so easy. It’s not as simple as heading to the store and picking the right clothes for you off the rack.

How To Design Your Home To Match Your Personal Style

However, although designing your home’s interior to match your personal style isn’t something that should be done without planning and plenty of thought, it is possible. Take your time and think through what you need to be done, and you can have a beautiful home that matches you exactly. Here are some ways to start.

Don’t Have A Theme

When you have a theme for your interior design, although it may seem like a great idea at the time, you are effectively limiting yourself. You won’t be able to change things easily or incorporate new ideas such as pieces of furniture or even art without needing to work out whether it is going to fit with your theme or not.

The whole idea of having a home that matches your personality is that it should be fluid and changeable, reflecting how you are feeling and what you enjoy most at the time. It’s best, therefore, to include the things you like, rather than trying to make anything match to anything else. In some cases, this will lead to an eclectic mix of styles and design ideas, but that’s not a problem if it matches your personality as you are sure to like it. Remember, you are designing your home for you, so it shouldn’t matter what other people think.

Repurpose Objects

It might be the case that your style and personality don’t match with the current trends and the items that are available to buy on the market right now when it comes to interior design. You might prefer older items, or you might not want to stick to any particular trend since they come and go so quickly.

The solution to this challenge is to repurpose objects. Hunt around flea markets and junk shops, and you’re sure to find older pieces of furniture or other items that you fall in love with, or that you can see the potential in. Take them home and upcycle them if you need to (this can be as easy as repainting them, or it might be a harder job because the item needs to be fixed or changed in some way) so that you can enjoy them in your own way.

Shop Around

Buying everything you want from one place may seem like an economical way to create a gorgeous interior for your home, and it may seem like the easiest way to do it too, but there is a problem in this regard. If you buy from just one place, your home will look like a version of the store. While that’s not always a bad thing, you need to bear in mind that this will be someone else’s design ideas and not your own. You can check a couple of stores to find the best home decor subscription boxes that can match your house design.

Not only that, but if you have worked in this way then so will other people, and you’ll find your home looks just like many others, with no regard to your own style and personality at all.

It’s a far better idea to take the time to look at a variety of different stores and find the items that you like, rather than the ones that someone else has deemed should go together. In some cases, this will be the same thing, but the majority of the time, you’ll be much happier expressing your own personality.

Listen To Advice

If you’re stuck for ideas, then speak to the experts about how to change things up and make things different while still adhering to your own style. Get in touch with local painters who will be able to talk you through the different shades of color that you could use, for example. Discuss between yourselves the different techniques that might be used, and how best to use color in your home.

This way, you can still have all the personality and style that you want, but you’ll also have the work completed in a professional way, and your ideas can be incorporated into an overall design scheme that makes your home look stunning.

Quality Over Quantity

When choosing items for your home, it’s better to look for a small number of quality items rather than lots of substandard items. This will make your home a lot more attractive to live in, but it will also mean you can spend time choosing only the items that make you happy.

Filling a home with ‘things’ will make it uncomfortable, and you will eventually lose your personality in amongst it all.

By starting with the above tips, you should soon see your home starting to match your personal style and becoming a place that you love to spend time. Be sure to start with our advice see where it takes you!

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