Protect Your Skin While Working in a Commercial Kitchen

Working in a commercial kitchen is a great way of starting a career as a chef. You can learn all the basics of creating excellent dishes and develop your own culinary creativity. You also get to work within a team of professionals who are all dedicated to providing the best experience for customers.

Protect Your Skin While Working in a Commercial Kitchen

However, not every aspect of working in a professional kitchen is positive. The hours are long and the work can be stressful. The environment can also play havoc with your skin if you are not careful. It’s important to understand the damage that can be caused and how you can reduce the risk of this happening.

What can happen to your skin when you work in a professional kitchen?

Working as a chef, or kitchen assistant, means that you are exposed to wet work a lot of the time. This can lead to skin conditions such as contact dermatitis. Other aspects of working in a kitchen, such as dealing with chemicals, grease and oil, can also lead to problems with your skin, including acne.

It’s important that you do all that you can to protect your skin while you are working, so that it remains healthy and looking good.

How to protect your skin

There are several measures you should take in order to protect your skin while you are working. These measures include:

  • Wearing protective clothing at all times. You can order chef coats from which cover your arms. This helps to protect your skin from exposure to chemicals and hot liquids.
  • Washing hands and forearms regularly. Doing this helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and keeps skin in good condition.
  • Refraining from touching your face while food preparation is taking place. This helps to prevent the spread of issues such as contact dermatitis.
  • Washing and moisturizing skin once the working day is over.

This may seem like a lot of hard work but it’s worthwhile investing the time and effort in order to keep your skin healthy and looking good.

Why protecting your hair is also important

It’s not just your skin that needs to be protected when you are working in a professional kitchen. You also need to take care of your hair. If your hair is long, it should be tied back. This helps to keep it away from naked flames which can cause it to catch fire.

Although it is possible to repair fire damaged hair, it’s far better to try to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

In summary

You should not let your job working in a commercial kitchen ruin the condition of your skin. This is why it’s important to take the protective measures we have mentioned so that your skin remains in good condition and looks healthy. At the same time, you should also remember to take care of your hair so that you do not expose it to the dangers that naked flames present.

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