How To Find The Perfect Fashion Aesthetic That Matches Your Personality 

In today’s day and age, fashion has become a considerable aspect of a person’s individuality. It can be utilized as a means of expression. Though fashion largely depends upon popular trends and styles, it can also be quite subjective and vary from person to person. A person’s personality and character play a huge factor in the kind of fashion aesthetic or niche they end up adopting. A fashion aesthetic isn’t only about a person’s clothes but also a sort of lifestyle or subculture that the person eventually slips into. It consists of the way they carry themselves and also says a lot about the individuals’ likes and dislikes. This article endeavors to teach you about all the various fashion aesthetics out there, so that you can pick the perfect one that speaks to you. Those various fashion aesthetics are as following:

How To Find The Perfect Fashion Aesthetic That Matches Your Personality 

Blast From The Past: The Vintage Fashion Aesthetic

This fashion aesthetic mainly consists of styles that were popular in the 20s and 70s. It’s the go-to aesthetic for people who claim to have an old soul and indulge in classic music, the likes of Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. The clothes of this aesthetic include retro frilly dresses and indie collared t-shirts. People who fully commit to the aesthetic prefer to wear their hair blow-dried, pinned back, and sleek. Vintage fashion is undoubtedly something that’s evergreen and takes pride in subverting from the current era’s mainstream styles. Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is a character who idolized a lot regarding this fashion aesthetic. If you’re somebody who identifies with that era’s styles and media, then vintage is the way to go!

Dark And Edgy: The Grunge Fashion Aesthetic

The grunge fashion aesthetic took society by storm in the 80s and 90s. It’s more popular for clothing of various shades of black, or just darker colors in general. Plaid flannel prints, ripped jeans, biker jackets, and thick boots are some of the commonly worn things in the grunge fashion aesthetic. It’s inspired by 90s indie rock music and is the most popular amongst teenagers. People who are really committed to this fashion aesthetic often grace their rooms’ walls with posters of various grunge icons, the likes of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. In terms of decoration, a lot of them opt for LED strip lights in their rooms as well. These lights are incredibly popular and can be easily found on the internet in places like and

Clean And Sophisticated: The Preppy Fashion Aesthetic 

This particular fashion aesthetic is somewhat the opposite of the grunge one. It originated in the 50s and is known for light, pastel colors and a generally more softer look. This fashion aesthetic majorly consists of people who prefer oxford style button-down shirts, loafers, polo t-shirts, beady pearl necklaces, kitten sweaters and poodle skirts. This choice of style is generally associated with elite and upper-classmen. People who prefer girly clothes that are easy on the eyes and comfortable to wear typically go for this type of aesthetic. The preppy fashion aesthetic can delve into athletic looks as well, and can also signify one’s interests in upper-class sports like polo, golf, horse-riding and tennis. If you’re somebody who’d fit right in with the aforementioned characteristics, then this is the fashion aesthetic for you.

Artsy And Creative: The Bohemian Fashion Aesthetic 

The bohemian fashion aesthetic, which is also commonly referred to as ‘boho-chic’, originally started in the 60s along with the hippie movements. However, it made a comeback in the early 2000s and is still quite prevalent and well-loved today. This aesthetic consists of a lot of colorful clothes and long, flowy dresses. Clothes of this fashion aesthetic also incorporate a lot of patterns and designs. See-through cardigans, colorful bandanas, casual sandals and heavy-set necklaces and rings are commonly worn by people who identify with the bohemian fashion aesthetic. In short, there’s a lot of room for creativity and breaking out of one’s comfort zone in the boho-chic style. The people who are a part of this aesthetic disagree with fast fashion and prefer to thrift clothes instead. This aesthetic provides a counterculture against elitist and exploitative high-end brands. Therefore, if you consider yourself artsy and make efforts to be environmentally-friendly, then this is the ideal fashion aesthetic for you.


In conclusion, ‘to define is to limit.’ A person’s preferences are usually ever-changing and always evolving, so you shouldn’t hurry to put yourself in a proverbial box. Instead, take the time to understand and know your fashion preferences to decide which fashion aesthetic is best suited for you.

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