How to Make Your Children Study

There is no way your children will leave their tablets alone for an hour or two every night to do homework. You’ve tried everything, from threats to bribery, but they ignore their classes and ruin your dream of attending a college graduation ceremony. Still, not all is lost. There is time to make your kids study without them realizing what you are doing. We have three approaches for you to try. Use the one you like best or combine them for maximum impact.

How to Make Your Children Study

Practice What You Preach

Think about the way you spend your nights at home. If you are glued to your phone or a TV screen, your kids won’t be far behind. The earlier you check your habits, the easier it will be for you to influence your children’s behavior. Unknowingly they copy your rituals and habits, from speech patterns to favorite pastimes.

Do you really want your kids studying better? You’ll have to lead by example. Forget about your favorite show and take up reading instead. Stock up on crossword puzzles, sudoku books, and brain teasers. Sign up for a Skillshare or Coursera class once in a while. Without saying a word, you will show your kids that learning new things can be exciting and fun. Motivated by your example, children will be more likely to pay attention in class and have an easier time doing homework.

The one thing you should never do is compare your children to their peers. Every time you praise the neighbor’s son for getting a college scholarship or admire the know-it-all in your daughter’s class, you drive your kids further away from success in school. The less you talk about other children’s grades and success, the better.

Find Effective Alternative Study Methods

Before you get on a high horse and start a lecture on the importance of education, do your homework. If your daughter is struggling, research how to teach a child to study effectively instead of grounding her until her grades get better. Schools don’t pay much attention to the latest cognitive neuroscience research, but you should.

Start with spaced learning using flashcards. This is a scientifically proven approach that relies on the retrieval of information, not mindless repetition. Moreover, it takes less time and helps memorize data in the long term. You might find the new techniques strange, but that doesn’t reduce their efficiency.

If your kids have trouble staying in place, reading, and writing, consider alternatives. For instance, let your children watch the latest Hamlet production by Royal Shakespeare Company instead of reading the play. If writing is the problem, give speech-to-text software a try. There are always easier and more enjoyable ways to get homework done.

Seek Professional Help

High school years are critical for both children and their parents. Your kids start thinking about college, taking advanced classes, entering competitions, and your knowledge is no longer enough to help. The college admission period is when you should look for professional help if you want to give your son or daughter a fighting chance.

Hiring  professional top essay services is just one of the possible approaches, finding a tutor is another. Whichever company you choose, do not entrust your child’s future to them before reading a review or ten. You want to be sure the people helping your kid are experts, not scammers before you pay someone to do your math homework.

If you want your kids to study better, be ready to put time and effort into being a good role model, researching effective learning techniques, and finding professionals to help you through the toughest moments.

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