How to Organize Your Closet

Getting your closet organized is the key to having your room and life organized. In order to organize your closet, you have to find the right way to organize your not only your clothes, but your accessories, shoes and other items. Here are some tips that can help you organize your closet. You can use this as a guide to help you declutter and make items easier to find.

Take stock of everything that’s currently in the closet


It’s important to take a look at what is currently inside your closet before you start re-organizing it. You can never truly organize a closet if it has items you’ve never used for years, so the first step is to declutter.  As tedious as the process can sound, emptying the entire contents of your closet will give you the right picture of what’s in your closet. Donate or throw away some items as necessary and begin from scratch. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of a bunch of worthless items that will otherwise crowd out your valuable items and weigh you down.

Clean inside the closet

You need to clean the inside of your closet before you put back any of your stuff. Looking at the closet carefully to make sure there’s no damage to the inside shelving will ensure that you’re not going to have to redo the job as a shelf has collapsed. Fix any broken hinges, and then clean the inside of the shelving. If you wish to make some changes, like painting a different color in the inside or removing and adding some shelves, this is the right time. You may find that the closet you have doesn’t suit your needs any more. If this is the case, take a look at the items you need to put back, and then search for the best wardrobe storage solutions to fit the items you want to store.

How to Organize Your Closet

Use empty door or wall space

Once you’re happy with your wardrobe systems, take a look at the bigger picture. The insides of doors and empty wall sections are ideal spaces for hooks, dowels, and towel bars. The hardware need not be elaborate in order to work. Just ensure you make use of the right size of hardware to carry the weight of the load.

Add lighting

Lighting is essential for finding stuff in the closet, but there’s often not enough light in the evening to do so. It would be best to have an electrician add some shelf lighting, but that can be expensive. Instead, using screw-in or stick-on battery-powered LED lights on every shelf can be very helpful.

Buy good-quality matching hangers

It’s easier to find clothes if you use matching hangers, as it keeps each clothing item at the same category. This also curbs the chaotic look of a closet that has a bunch of dissimilar hangers.

Quality hangers can include metal, wood or plastic. Whatever you choose, ensure they are durable to bear the type and weight of clothes you plan to use them for. After all, heavy winter clothes will require stronger and heaver hangers than blouses.

How to Organize Your Closet

Arrange like items together

Think of your closet the same you would desk files. If desk files weren’t organized in some kind of comprehensive style (e.g. by date, order of urgency, client name and so on), you’d never achieve any task at work.

The same case applies to closets, but with somewhat different objectives. Your closet should give you tools to help you look good as well as get you moving as fast as possible. To achieve this, group similar items together (e.g. styles, uses, occasions, colors) to speed up the search for a morning outfit.

Keeping your closet organized is a very important task. Make it a point to spend a few hours every three or four months to check what’s in your closet. Keep the things you need and discard those you don’t need and your closet will look better for longer.

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