How To Work From Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine With Kids, Partner And Roommate Around

This coronavirus infection is having most of us working from home and this can be really challenging especially if you didn’t have such experience in the past. I know you are used to going to the office where you have your work space and colleagues around you, so getting down to work is not hard at all. You can concentrate, feel the working ambiance and finish tasks with ease. But being home with kids running around and your partner or roommate disturbing you can really make it hard for you to concentrate and do some effective work, so today I have decided to give you some guidelines that have really helped me. Scroll down through this article and see How To Work From Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine With Kids, Partner And Roommate Around. I really hope that these tips will make your home work experience less stressful and more enjoyable!

How To Work From Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine With Kids, Partner And Roommate Around
  • Get up early

Getting up early is of crucial importance not only because you strictly have to work while everyone else sleeps, but because you can use this quiet time to set up your work space, make some breakfast, drink your coffee and prepare yourselves mentally for your work day and all of the tasks that are awaiting you.

  • Create a work space

Separating your work space from your relaxation space can be super helpful cause you will have clear boundaries where you should work and where you should rest. I enjoy working in a room that I use solely for working and feel that working vibe as soon as I get in there. If you don’t have an extra room, make sure you separate a corner in the bedroom or the living room that you will use just for work. That will do wonders for your stress level, believe me!

  • Invest in some good headphones

Headphones will help you reduce the noise around you and make focusing on your work much more easily. If you can listen to music at the same time while working, they are a must!

  • Separate from your roommate or your partner

Spouses and roommates are all stuck in a single apartment where everyone should do its business, so you can easily get distracted if you work in the same room together. Make sure you separate one from another and meet on the breaks. Having someone to drink your coffee with can be such a good thing in these stressful times.

  • Create a schedule

Having a clear schedule will help you finish your errands easily. Make priorities and use your free time while your kids are still asleep to finish the important things first and leave everything else for later when you will be able to get down to your computer without having to worry whether you will meet your deadlines.

  • Prepare meals in advance

One of the hardest things when it comes to working from home is working while you have to prepare your meals. This can take a great deal of your time, so I always try to cook at night and prepare the meals before hand. In this way I have got myself covered for the next day and I just enjoy the trip to the fridge, serve myself the food quickly and return to my work duties.

  • Keep your kids entertained

If you have kids, you already know that this is the biggest problem that you are facing these days while you work from home. They are constantly seeking for attention, they are hungry all the time, they easily get bored and they distract you from your work in an instance. Having them entertained is the key to a relaxed home work space, so make sure you get lots of board games, books to ready, cartoons to watch and everything else that will get their attention. You should also set clear boundaries with your partner who should watch the kids in certain periods of the day, so one of you can get his/her job done without getting disturbed.

  • Take breaks

Take breaks to free your mind, relax yourselves a bit. Make your favorite drink, put on some music, open the window, breathe in some fresh air and chat with your kids, partner or roommates about your day. This can be really helpful and make you more productive.

How are you dealing with your work from home? Let me know in the comments below!

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