Ingrown Hairs Are No Longer Yours

Are you troubled over the pimple-like bumps that are present on several parts of your body? Are you wondering how these bumps managed to appear on your beautiful skin?

Ingrown Hairs Are No Longer Yours

Today, despite the growth of technology, razors still remain as the most important hair removal companion to benefit one’s personal beauty needs and travel. Though there are several other hair removal methods, shaving is one of the easiest and the quickest methods. You can easily remove all the unwanted hair on any parts of your body with a razor. But have you noticed that this simple method can lead to ingrown hairs, razor burns and skin irritation? Shaving unwanted hair on any part of the body can result in the occurrence of ingrown hairs. These ingrown hairs arise as a result of those hairs that curl back under the skin and begin to grow beneath the surface.

Yes, there are several hair removal methods available, but did you know that the laser hair removal method can completely eliminate the growth of ingrown hairs? Being free from these ingrown hairs can stop the appearance of small bump-like structures that may or may not contain pus and stop them from being itchy, painful with little swelling. Shaving has been one of the most preferred hair removal methods, as you can shave anywhere and everywhere but it is found that ingrown hair usually appears in those places where thick, coarse hair grows such as the armpits, bikini area, etc. If you want to know when these bumps will disappear, you should understand that it depends upon your skin type and the level of irritation it faces.

Why wait for these bumps to disappear when you can get rid of them at its beginning stage itself? As mentioned, laser treatment is one of the finest and the most effective hair removal methods as it can destroy the hair follicles completely. In this treatment, high laser beams are allowed to fall on the areas to be treated to target the hair follicles that are beneath the skin’s surface. In one session, the hair follicles cannot be destroyed. Four to six additional sessions will help in destroying the follicles at its root itself. Hence, this treatment is known for its long-lasting effects. According to your lifestyle, skin type, and hair colour, the treatment plans can be adjusted.

Unlike the other hair removal methods such as the traditional tweezing, plucking, shaving waxing, or using depilatory creams, this method can give amazing results in a very short duration. Choosing the right clinic that is certified, well equipped with FDA-approved technology, and with professional or certified dermatologists and cosmetologists are essential. Whether your hair is thick or thin, laser treatment can easily treat any person with dark hair colour for pale skin type and vice versa. The common areas that can be and are treated regularly with lasers are underarms, chin, upper lip, thighs, bikini line, chest, arms, legs, back, etc. Smaller areas can be treated in a minute or two while the larger areas take around half an hour to one hour.

So, yes, the ingrown hairs can no longer be yours. Opt laser and be free from ingrown hairs.

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