Inspiring International Woman’s Day Gift Ideas

International Women’s Day, celebrated on March, 8 is a focal point in the movement for women’s right. It is been celebrated since March 8, 1917, when women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia, and since then it has become national holiday celebrated widely around the world. On this day we all want to show the women in our life how valuable they are for us, and one way to do it is to give them gifts for showing the importance of their being in our lives. Here we are going to list you some original International Women’s day presents that you can give to your favorite women in life. Remember, gifts for International Day don’t have to be pricey or luxe, they should be just sincere and full of love.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are that traditional International Woman’s day gift that they have become almost cliché. But, we should all admit that every woman will pleasantly receive a bouquet of fresh flowers for this day. If flowers are on your list “to buy gift  for IWD”, then you can consider few opportunities: potted plant, fresh cut flower bouquet or an arrangement made with dried or passed flowers.

Inspiring International Womans Day Gift Ideas

  1. An empowering book or movie

Women nowadays pay a lot of attention on becoming more educated, so one perfect and so unique gift for the lady in your life can be an empowering book or a movie. Knowledge is one of the most important thing a woman should posses, so impress her with such an original gift.

  1. Ladies-only party

One way to show the ladies in your life the most you love them is to organize them a ladies-only themed party. You can invite them all, prepare them a women life themed party, and take care for the drinks and food. You can also include some empowering messages for every woman, choose some great music and let the party go on its own.

  1. Handmade stuff

Although every woman enjoys a gift you buy from the store, we should all admit that the handmade gifts have more importance and significance for the woman you give it to. Personalized gifts will make any woman feel important and valuate. An interesting idea about handmade gift is a gift box with her most favorite items for example.  Or, a food basket decorated at some specific and interesting way that will show the woman that you care for her, and that you insert some effort to make her happy and smile.

Inspiring International Womans Day Gift Ideas source 

  1. A picture

One picture is worth thousand words. Choose some picture of the woman you love and wake up all the good memories in her life. Put the picture in a frame, or even let some inspiring message on the back. You can choose a picture of your both too. Be sure that such a gift will let any woman speechless.

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