Is it possible to plan a lavish wedding during the pandemic?

Despite a huge rollout of vaccines which is currently ongoing across the U.S; the dangers associated with Covid-19 cannot be ignored. Most states still have tight regulations in place prohibiting crowds, to curb the spread of the virus further. However, planning a lavish wedding is still a possibility even amid the pandemic because most wedding planners and couples have adapted to the new normal when it comes to planning for that dream wedding as discussed below.

Is it possible to plan a lavish wedding during the pandemic?

Consider hiring high-end wedding planners

It is a daunting task to single-handedly plan a wedding during this time, juggling between dress shopping, cake-baking, venue, florists, and band among other technicalities it takes to plan a luxurious wedding cannot be a one-person job during this time.

Contracting experienced wedding planners is more ideal, because they can navigate the murky waters of planning a wedding during a pandemic, with less to no disappointment to both parties in the end. Australian wedding venues for instance come with a package of highly-skilled wedding planners who exclusively take care of every aspect of your wedding, with you only having to worry about showing up to the wedding venue.

Outdoor weddings are becoming a trend and the Australian venues have exquisite garden locations, where one can host their weddings. The beauty of the outdoor space is that it enhances the safety of your guests and provides space for wedding planners to implement the social distancing rule.

Stay healthy and safe

Having hired a wedding planner to take care of all the technicalities of the wedding does not mean it is time to start moving around stress-free shopping for that dress with your bridesmaids. Consider doing your dress shopping online, most bridal shops have gone online today to safeguard the health of their clients.

Advise your guests to stay healthy for the remaining period until the wedding to avoid any last-minute need to reschedule your wedding. Take into consideration that all the guests including yourselves as the couple should be tested before the wedding day and if possible everyone attending the wedding should at least have received a vaccine.

Check state legislations

Stay up to date with the state regulations on the number of people allowed in a single venue; this means that if the number allowed is way below your planning, then you need to downscale to conform to such regulations. Most weddings done in the middle of the pandemic, have had a limited number of guests with major couples planning for a huge anniversary party when the dust settles.

However, if the state’s regulations on Covid-19 do not fit your planning then you can still plan that wedding for a later date when you are more certain the state will loosen up on regulations and the spread of the virus would have gone down.

A tried and true tip when getting into a contract with high-end wedding planners especially during the pandemic is to ensure that the contract has a very clear cancellation or rescheduling policy to avoid losing money should the wedding fail to take place or having to worry about rebooking venues since they will take care of such hiccups which arise along the way.

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