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Hair Dyeing: All the Pros And Cons

Are you thinking about dyeing your hair? Women for many reasons decide to change their natural hair color. They may don’t like their natural color. Some women have to try hair dyeing because of white hair at an early age. Others simply would like to make some change and try new hair color that they consider better fits their current feelings and mood. No matter the reasons you have to try hair dyeing, we recommend you first weigh all the pros and cons. There are some definite benefits from the hair dyeing process. But, at the same time, there may appear some disadvantages too. That is why, before you pick up the box of dye or you make an appointment t the hair salon, you better consider in mind the following pros and cons.

Hair Dyeing: All the Pros And Cons source

Pros #1 It’s a new look!

Having your natural hair color all your life can be a little boring. Women wanting to try new looks, sometimes want to experiment with their hairstyle. Sometimes, they try new hairstyles, but sometimes they pleasantly try new hair colors. And it is so exciting adding a little flair to your hair. At the same time, it is a relatively painless and cheap way to give you and your hair a new attitude. You can try darker shades, go totally lighter, try ombre or mermaid, go highlights… There is an endless list of possibilities. If you are trying it for the first time, you better find a talented colorist for a hairstylist.

Pros #2 Hair color adds dimension to the hair

Having your natural hair can sometimes make your hair feel flat and boring. Most of the women that haven’t try dyeing their hair yet may feel that the whole hair is one color. And, they are not wrong at all. It is more difficult to identify highlights when you still have your natural hair color. Once you try hair dyeing, even if you choose to dye the hair at only one color, you will easily see the highlights, lowlights, and everything in-between. This will give your hair vibrancy and dimension.

Hair Dyeing: All the Pros And Cons source

Pros #3 Natural hair is the ideal hair for dyeing

If you are trying to dye your hair for the first time, you would be lucky to read this. Your natural hair is the perfect hair type to work on for a dye job. The hair that has not been damaged via heat or chemical process has the best chance of withstanding the chemical changes that the hair has to undergo during the coloring process. Although, there can still appear some difficulties in taking the dye. This is the most common case when trying to get lighter shades from naturally darker hair. However, it is still much better to dye the hair when it isn’t previously damaged.

Cons #1 It’s customized damage

The first thing to consider in mind when trying to dye your hair for the first time is that it is customized damage. It will change your hair completely. During the process of hair color changing, the cuticles have to be lifted, which can cause all sorts of issues. Some of them can go from changes in porosity to weakening the structural integrity of the strand. All this can lead to curls going limp, drying out, or breaking. That is why you should definitely think twice before you decide to dye your hair.

Hair Dyeing: All the Pros And Cons source

Cons #2 Color requires an entirely new regimen

You have already established some hair care routine, right? Well, once you try to change your hair color, be ready to start a completely new regimen of hair care. Forget all the things that your hair liked and didn’t like before. With the change of the hair color, there come many other changes with your hair too. That means that everything you knew about your hair before went out the window after you dyed your hair. If you are not too keen on re-learning your new haircare routine, then consider these cons in mind before you try color changing.

Cons #3 Your hair will be lackluster

Yes, your hair will be lackluster literally. Making your natural hair shine is much easier than making your dyed hair shine. That means that you will need more time to add shine to your hair roots. Or that you will need to get new hair shining products if you want to make them look shiny and glorious. And, still, the dyed length will remain underwhelming. If you are having dark natural hair, consider that it appears healthier, while the color-treated hair always looks dull and lacks vibrancy. Dyed hair impacts the cuticle layer of the hair, which on the other hand impacts porosity, which impacts shine. This is how your dyed hair loses its natural shine. If you are not ready to lose your shining and glowing hair, then think twice before you decide to dye the color for the first time.

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