The 3 Best Ways To Reverse Hair Damage From Years Of Unnatural Products

Over time, chemical processing and the use of chemical products such as semi-permanent or permanent dyes among other unnatural products can damage hair making it look dull and cause breakage. This is because most chemical ingredients have harsh properties that weaken hair ends and roots.

The 3 Best Ways To Reverse Hair Damage From Years Of Unnatural Products

Having been exposed to unnatural products leading to hair damage, most people try to find alternatives to restore their healthy hair state. However, you should know that although damaged hair can be restored it takes some time to reverse and requires a lot of patience. Here are three of the best ways that you can reverse hair damage.

Shampoo and condition the right way

Using the right products will ensure that you keep your hair from further damage even if it is already damaged by using unnatural products. When selecting a shampoo for your hair, choose one that is specially formulated for damaged hair. Choose one with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. It should contain natural ingredients that will help nourish your hair and protect it from breakage.

Shampoo your hair at least once a week and condition it or if it’s not too dirty you can shampoo it every once in two weeks. This way you will be giving it time for nourishing oils to deeply penetrate and help soften it. Also, avoid washing your hair with water that is too hot. Hot water will strip your hair of any oils, making it brittle thus easy to break. Instead, use lukewarm water

Condition your hair and treat it with the right products. Different types of conditioners and home treatments are available that you can use to restore damaged hair. Buy conditioners contain moisturizers like Aloe Vera and oils such as Shea butter. These will help thicken your hair adding shine. Find the best hair products for hair damage at bombshell beauty.

Cut down on hot styling tools

Most hot styling equipment uses a lot of heat, which can add to the hair breakage that you are experiencing. Use blow dryers and straightening irons less frequently and if you must use them under very low heat along with a protective spray to prevent further hair damage. Ensure that your hair is almost dry before using any hot tools such as flat irons. Soak off your hair using a soft towel to dry it. If you can, just let your hair air dry after washing instead of using a blow dryer.

Healthy eating

A healthy body translates to overall healthy hair so ensure that you eat the right foods. A healthy diet with the right nutrients ensures that your hair is supplied with the necessary nutrients for recovery. Always include fruits like avocados, proteins, and green leafy vegetables such as carrots and kale in your diet.

Regularly exercise and take lots of water as well. Eat foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon to make it easier for your hair to recover.

Adding supplements can also reverse hair damage a bit faster. Hair supplements that promote hair growth along with the right diet can be a great boost in your hair recovery. When styling your hair, use protective hairstyles that do not strain it to protect it from damage. Start with the above three ways and begin your journey to hair recovery from damage.

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