Planning Your Destination Wedding in Tamil Nadu? Here Are a Few Tips to Help You

If you’ve been considering a destination wedding in the ‘land of temples’, you’ve come to the right place. Aside from the architectural brilliance of its sprawling temples, Tamil Nadu is acclaimed for its rich and vibrant culture, stunning coastline, abundant wildlife, and lastly, its captivating and magnificent hill stations.

It would come as no surprise to know then that the state has something to offer for everybody, not excluding couples who want to get hitched in the backdrop of a stunning location.

As such, let’s look at what this aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant piece of South India has to offer hopeful couples.

Beach Wedding Destination – Chennai

Planning Your Destination Wedding in Tamil Nadu? Here Are a Few Tips to Help YouSource

If you have plans of organizing a beautiful beach wedding, Chennai should definitely take precedence. Its many gorgeous beaches have plenty to offer in terms of scenic beauty, ambience and the added personal touch since beach weddings, in general, are a close-knit affair.

Some of the beach venues you could take into consideration are Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach and Golden Beach. Each of these seaside venues either has beach resorts and/or hotel chains if you want to host a reception party after the wedding.

Some resorts that you can specifically look out for include – The Blue Lagoon Beach Resort, VGP Golden Beach Resort, Bluebay Beach resort, and Green Meadows Resort.

Architectural Wedding Destination – Mahabalipuram

Planning Your Destination Wedding in Tamil Nadu? Here Are a Few Tips to Help YouSource

This wedding destination is sure to astound and gratify your wedding party – what with the many architectural wonders that Mahabalipuram has to offer. If you like the idea of going back in time and having a backdrop that speaks of different age, culture and tradition, this little city just outside of Chennai is the place for you.

Mahabalipuram is the perfect blend of history and nature. And if you aren’t as excited about the temples and their architectural splendour, you can still organize a beach wedding in the city. Plenty of resorts are in the habit of arranging wedding ceremonies.

Some of the resorts that you have to check out are –  The Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, Ideal Beach Resort, Chariot Beach Resort, intercontinental Resort, Grand Bay Resort and Taj Fisher’s Cove.

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Puducherry – A Perfect mix of French and Indian Culture

Planning Your Destination Wedding in Tamil Nadu? Here Are a Few Tips to Help YouSource

French food, drinks, a lovely beach – a combination that is perhaps the envy of every couple who’s looking to get hitched. Puducherry has all of this to offer and much more. You can experience French and Portuguese culture while also enjoying what nature has to offer by way of the endless beaches one would encounter in this picturesque city of Tamil Nadu.

A few of the resorts that you could consider for your wedding are – The Le Pondy Beach Resort, Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray and  Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray.

Hill Station Wedding Destination – Kodaikanal

Planning Your Destination Wedding in Tamil Nadu? Here Are a Few Tips to Help YouSource

If you’re not a beach person, fear not because, as mentioned earlier, Tamil Nadu has something to offer for every kind of person. As such, you might want to consider organizing your wedding at a hill station.

Think greenery, pleasant, cool weather, beautiful, sprawling fields of flowers and trees, and you have with you Kodaikanal. Not only is the place an ideal travel destination, but it’s also quite a romantic one as well.

The mystic hills, the gushing waterfalls, the natural beauty of the place in general, and not to mention the abundant, evergreen forests makes Kodaikanal a place that everyone, most importantly your wedding guests, would want to visit.

When it comes to picking hotels or a resort, some of the places that you should definitely check out are The Tamara Kodai, Le Poshe by Sparsha and The Carlton Kodaikanal.

Kanyakumari – Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Planning Your Destination Wedding in Tamil Nadu? Here Are a Few Tips to Help YouSource

Kanyakumari is a place to behold. Its landscapes are large yet unyielding. The air is fresh and healing, and there is nothing quite like it.

Not only do you get an excellent view of the mountains from this quaint little place, but you also have your very own piece of heaven when you witness the waves by the sea all in one place. One could safely conclude that as such, Kanyakumari is perhaps one of the best wedding venues one could ask for.

Between the greenery, the paddy fields, the myriads of coconut trees and beaches, you have plenty of options to pick your wedding spot from. And if you are bent on booking a resort for your big day, some of the places you should check out, Annai Resorts and Spa, Hotels Pvt. Ltd., and Anantya Resorts.

Wrapping Up

If we’re honest, every one of us has at least at one point in time in our lives dreamt of having or planning for a destination wedding. And if you haven’t already, Tamil Nadu is perhaps one state that is a must on everybody’s list.

The options the South Indian state offers are endless. Frankly, you’re probably spoilt for choice at this point.

But if you’re just browsing and still on the lookout for that one person with whom you can share this very special day, we recommend that you waste no time and download any Tamil Matrimony app and create your profile to start on your wedding journey.

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