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Reasons to Use a Citrus Flavored Hand Sanitizer

One important characteristic of humans is moving around as well as interacting with other humans. They have to go shopping at different stores, go to work, school, hospitals and several other places. While doing this, they have to interact with other people, shake hands, talk, sneeze, walk on the road, and get on public transportation, building spaces; the list goes on.

Reasons to Use a Citrus Flavored Hand Sanitizer

In doing all these, they come in contact with germs mostly by touching surfaces, shaking hands, holding money, sneezing, visiting the restroom, and so on. The only probable way to escape coming in contact with any microorganism is to stay back in your home. Not that this is even guaranteed.

The hands are a crucial part of the human anatomy. It has a lot of functions and it is the same hands that are used for touching germ-infested surfaces that are used for eating, touching the face and for doing a lot of other critical things that are important to our daily lives.

Germs, bacteria as well as other potential disease-causing microorganisms are lurking everywhere even in the home. Humans come into contact with them several times daily but a lot of the time, the body is equipped to fight them off. Getting exposed constantly and consistently to a large volume of these microorganisms will eventually lead to an infection.

You can see from this article how germs are transferred.

To avoid this, as much as possible, it is important to wash the hands often with soap and water. What then happens during transit as well as times when soap and water are not available? This is where hand sanitizers become useful.

What are Hand Sanitizers?

Reasons to Use a Citrus Flavored Hand Sanitizer

These are oftentimes alcohol-based gel, liquid, or foam solutions that are used as an alternative to rid the hands of potential disease-causing organisms such as bacteria and germs. They may not be as effective as using soap and water but they can serve as temporal reprieves until a person has access to soap and water.

It is usually the only available means of disinfecting the hands in hospitals and healthcare centers as well as public places where there are lots of people moving around and may be better suited for these kinds of situations. Imagine everyone queuing to wash their hands at the same time. Asides from the rowdiness, even the germs you are trying to get rid of will easily spread around in these circumstances.

What Are They Made of?

Although not all sanitizers are alcohol-based, most are. Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) has been used as an antiseptic for ages and it constitutes a larger percentage of the solution with most containing between 60-90%. The alcohol-based solutions are more popular and more effective.

In addition to alcohol, other ingredients used in making them include water, isopropyl myristate and glycerin. The glycerin helps to prevent dryness of the skin by acting as a moisturizer. They could also contain other ingredients such as carbomer and triethanolamine. The non-alcohol based ones will contain triclosan and benzalkonium chloride instead.

Most sanitizers are clear gels or liquids but some manufacturers add a bit of coloring to the solution. Also, they can come infused with different flavors and fragrance but largely they are left unscented which suits people that may be allergic.

They also come in different sizes and can be infused with certain flavors such as these citrus 8oz gel sanitizers. Some other common flavors that can be used include lavender, vanilla, strawberry, mixed fruits, and so on.

These little extras such as the citrus flavor helps it to be more appealing, attractive, pleasant smelling and soothing on the skin.

Benefits of Using Them

There are numerous advantages to using sanitizers. These includes:

  • Convenience
  • Waterless
  • Hygienic
  • Fast as it requires less time than the washing of hands.
  • Portable
  • Mobility
  • Shareable
  • Moisturizing and Non-irritating
  • Microorganisms cannot become resistant to its use.
  • It is customizable for personal use

To effectively use them,

  • Remove all kinds of organic matter like dirt from the palms before application
  • Apply just over a pea-sized amount into the palms and rub together. Ensuring it covers all surfaces including the fingers and behind the hands.
  • Rub until it is absorbed and the hand is dry.

You can learn more about germs and how to protect yourself and your family against them here


Although sanitizers help to get rid of microorganisms, they could still be fancy and smell great by containing essential flavors and oils which leaves you feeling and smelling great. These flavors also help to leave your hands feeling refreshed, soft, moisturized as well as soothing and this is why you should go for them.

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