How To Repair Split Ends Naturally

Smooth and neat hair is the dream of every girl and woman that is very difficult to be achieved. But that does not mean you have to throw a lot of money for expensive treatments. Daily use products for hair styling have extremely negative impact on her health. It is enough only to use a few times the iron for the hair for style and you will notice the split hair ends in the end of the month. For a change we want to suggest you to try this homemade hair mask that will repair the split ends of your hair and will return your shiny hair in normal.

Split ends hair is something that many people experience, and it’s a phenomenon that can really spoil the look of hair and make it look messy, lifeless and unattractive. Although summer trends call for shorter styles such as the popular bob or pixie cut, if you’re not ready to ditch the long hair you’ve been growing for years, you can try some helpful tips that get results. Split ends are a common form of hair breakage at the ends.

Why does this happen on that part of the hair?

The hair there is thinner than on the scalp – and therefore more prone to breakage. Hair breakage occurs mainly when the lengths of hair on the shoulders or in the back area are exposed to increased friction. But apart from this mechanical cause of split ends, chemical or thermal effects can also often be responsible for split ends. If you wash your hair too often and with too hot water, use flat irons or curlers a lot, or blow dry your hair on heat, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with split ends. Chemical treatments such as dyeing, bleaching or perming hair, can also cause permanent hair damage. Split ends can, if nothing is done to prevent damage, can spread further and even reach the scalp itself.

Another of the most common causes of split ends is simply not trimming your hair often enough. Over time, our hair experiences wear and tear. Too long a period between haircuts can lead to the formation of split hairs. In addition to sun exposure, too much exposure to hard water, such as that found in swimming pools, or salt water, can adversely affect hair and cause split ends along with other hair problems.

Are some people more prone to split ends?

This is a really great question that we don’t talk about very often. In fact, people with curly and kinky hair are more prone to hair damage, than those with straighter hair types. This is probably because very curly hair often lacks as much natural moisture as other hair types. This is also why curly hair requires some special considerations when it comes to hair care.

How To Repair Split Ends Naturallysource

You will need:

  • 1 tablespoon coconut
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 large egg yolk


Coconut oil is usually bought in jars, as thick white mixture, so first it must be melted in a bowl. Add the other ingredients to the bowl and mix them until everything is smooth.
Apply the resulting mask the entire hair, and pay special attention to the ends. Tie your hair in a bun and leave it for half an hour. Wash with water and a mild shampoo, and it would be desirable to dry hair naturally, without the heat of the dryer.

How To Repair Split Ends Naturallysource

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