Spring Mattresses- Things You Need to Know

While buying mattresses, you may find it a bit confusing as there are different types available in online shops or from any bedding store. Now, it is to remember that mattress play an important role in taking care of health as it is responsible for your good night sleep. If you don’t sleep well at night, you will find it difficult to manage a day at the office, school or college. So, it is time to know a bit about mattresses.

Spring Mattresses  Things You Need to Know

Nowadays, there are varieties of mattresses are available, like memory foam mattress, reflex foam mattress, coil mattress, spring mattress, and more. Today, you will get to know more about spring mattresses here. Read on to know more-

What Is Spring Mattress?

Saying precisely, spring mattress contains spring. You know these mattresses as coils also. This type of mattress is different than memory foam mattress as there are no air pockets in it. Rather, the top portion of the mattress is known as the comfort part while the inner layer is called a core part that provides more support. The usage of spring mattress is not new, therefore it is the traditional style of mattresses that are still popular. As per history, this type of mattress has been used since 15th century. Though it was invented in 15th century, this mattress came into use since mid-19th century. It was this type from when upholstery coil springs were started being used in different furniture and carriage.

Types of Springs Used in Spring Mattress

Before buying a spring mattress, you also need to know what types of springs or coils are used in spring mattress-

  • Continuous Coils– If a spring mattress is made with continuous coils, that means there are different rows of coils that make a single row of wire.
  • Offset Coils– These look like hourglass while the top and bottom portions are flattened. These flat portions are connected together so that the mattress can provide enough comfort to your body.
  • Bonnell Coils– This type of coils is the traditional and the oldest type of spring mattress. Such coils were used in the horse carriages in the 19th If you are tight in budget, you can use this coiled mattress till now.
  • Marshal Coils– These are mainly known as pocket spring. The name came from its unique shape as it is barrel-shaped and thin-gauged.

Benefits of Using Spring Mattresses

As this is the traditional most mattress, many people prefer to buy spring mattresses till now. This type of mattress comes with certain benefits, like-

  • Cheaper– While you want to buy a mattress, you need to consider the budget. This type of mattress is really within your budget.
  • Durable– The construction of this mattress is really stronger which provides durability to the material.
  • Popular- As this is quite a traditional type of mattress, people are quite aware of this type. So, they always prefer to buy this one.

So, here is a detailed account regarding spring mattresses. No matter you buy double beds online, or single bed, you can buy this special type of mattress.

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