Streamline Your Morning Routine with These Style Hacks

Getting ready in the morning can be quite a chore. After all, shaking off the last vestiges of sleep and getting out of bed can be difficult enough. That’s not to mention cleaning yourself up and making yourself presentable before heading out of the door. Indeed, one of the biggest challenges that most women face is deciding what to wear each day. If you want to save some time and energy every morning, here are a few hacks that can streamline that process for you:

Streamline Your Morning Routine with These Style Hacks

Start by Simplifying Your Shopping Habits                                                                                       

If you’re anything like most women, you’re probably getting your clothes from a bunch of different retailers. As a result, you’ve likely noticed how your clothing size seems to fluctuate from store to store.

You’re not imagining things. That practice is called vanity sizing, and it’s a major clothing industry issue that has made shopping close to impossible. To move products off the racks more quickly, some brands shift their sizing metrics to make customers feel skinnier than they actually are.

Fortunately, getting around the problem is easy enough. Just find the retailers who cater to your shape and size and patronize them exclusively. That way, you can enjoy consistent sizing throughout a single store, eliminating the need to go to different shops just to find clothing that fits you. If you always shop for leggings at the same store, for example, you’ll be sure to get them in your exact size every time.

Declutter Your Closet

A disorganized closet makes it harder to see every piece that you own, causing you to slow down when looking for something to wear. It’s also a major contributing factor to decision fatigue, making it even harder for you to prepare for the day. Organizing your closet is the solution, and decluttering is a good first step toward doing so.

To start, you’ll want to discard everything that doesn’t fit you properly. You should also get rid of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, as you’ll likely avoid wearing those pieces anyway.

Additionally, you’ll want to set aside any clothes that have been embellished with beads, buttons, graphics, and the like, as these items tend to be high-maintenance and difficult to care for. Finally, it could be a good idea to dispose of clothes that fasten with hooks, buttons, or snaps. Going for clothes without these findings can save you a lot of time when dressing up in the morning.

After a major closet overhaul like this, you should only be left with clothes that you love and want to wear. At the same time, these will also be pieces that are easy to put on and remove. Once you’ve pruned your wardrobe, put them back in your closet according to color or season to minimize unnecessary rummaging.

Put the Look Together in Advance

The time-saving benefits of laying your outfits out the night before should be obvious. Aside from giving you more time to sleep, you’ll also see if any component of the look requires immediate attention.

To do this effectively, make sure to take the weather forecast into account as you’re planning your outfit. You can even take things a step further by looking at the weekly forecast so that you can visualize the outfits you’ll want to wear several days in advance. With an organized closet, locating those items should be quicker and easier than ever.

Embrace Neutrals

Neutral-colored pieces and accessories are a foundational necessity for any woman’s wardrobe. Items in these shades can be worn together in endless combinations, and you won’t ever have to worry about pieces clashing. This eliminates the need to color-match your outfits in the mornings. Instead, you can just grab whatever top or bottom is within reach and still end up with a color-coordinated outfit.

When choosing neutral colors to add to your wardrobe, try to go for black, gray, white, and navy blue, as well as earthy shades of green and brown. You can also add pale pink and peach, along with creamy hues like ivory and beige. If you’re worried that these colors will result in outfits that look too monotone, you can add one or two of your favorite jewel tones to liven things up.

Stick to Dresses or Rompers

It can be a hassle to pick out separate tops and bottoms every morning. The good news is that dressers and rompers are the immediate solutions to that problem. If you’re too busy for the entire song-and-dance routine of getting ready, you can throw on either of these outfits in an instant. Simply jazz them up with a few accessories and a matching pair of shoes. You’ll be ready to leave in no time.

With these hacks, you should be able to zip right through your morning routine. The best part is that they can leave you with more time for the activities that you enjoy. Try these tips out today!

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