What You Should Wear To A Bridal Shower Or Party

If you’re going to a bridal shower, it’s usually a good idea to ask about the theme of the bridal party. You should also ask who’ll be attending this kind of get-together. These two factors will help you select what you ought to be wearing to the event.

One consideration that’s constant among all bridal showers or bridal parties is: never upstage the bride herself. This article will guide you in trying to find the right clothes, shoes, and accessories to wear.

What You Should Wear To A Bridal Shower Or Party

Check The Theme of the Party

The event organizer can make the bridal shower a fun, lively event, or a low-key buffet dinner. If the bride is up to it, the event organizer could go wild with the theme, meaning you wouldn’t have to be in dressy clothes. It might even be a come-as-you-are party – where no one will mind if you just show up in jeans and a blouse. But try to impose some limits too, such as not wearing rubber shoes, T-shirts and khaki shorts, since you might be the only one who didn’t dress up for it.

Again, it’s the bride who’ll be celebrated so the kind of party really depends on what the bride’s best friend thinks the bride would have a blast attending. Many bridal showers are meant to surprise the bride so if you want to make a suggestion direct it straight to the friend who is organizing it. Make sure everyone understands that you just want to make the party more fun for the bride and her guests. This way, all the bride’s friends in the group will be able to come up with their suggestions on how to make the occasion more festive and celebratory.

What You Should Wear To A Bridal Shower Or Party

Dress According to the Season and Weather

If you live in the US, you might want to take into consideration how hot or how cold it’ll be during the bridal shower at the chosen venue.

For instance, if the venue is air-conditioned and indoors, then you can dress in warmer fabrics. The overall theme would lean towards warmer and darker colors. On the other hand, if the venue will be in a garden setting, then it’s safe to wear florals in cool pastels and bright colors.

Weather changes may also dictate what you should be wearing. If it’s rainy or snowy, you may want to wear jeans and flats to the venue, with your dress in a waterproof cover and shoes in a handy bag. Once you get to the venue, you can change into your dress and heels for the event itself. If it’s very sunny and warm, it’s acceptable to wear a sundress and flats.

Be Mindful of the Time of the Event

Depending on the bride, the bridal shower can be held in the daytime or nighttime. If it’ll be held at lunchtime, you can afford to be in casual clothes. However, if the event is to be conducted in the evening, you may need to upgrade to more formal clothes instead.

Should you decide to shop for a suitable gift for the bridal shower, you can also check out some bridal shower gift ideas so that you don’t arrive empty-handed at the party.

Be Wary of Some Colors

Some brides may be picky about the color scheme of their bridal shower. This means you should check with the other friends of the bride as to what they’ll be wearing.

A no-no is wearing black to the bridal party. Black might be perceived as dark and gloomy, so it’s definitely a downer for the bride. On the other hand, to reflect the upcoming wedding, the bride might opt to wear pure white for the bridal shower. If the bride has chosen to wear white for her bridal shower, you should refrain from wearing white as well.

The makeup colors you wear should also match what you’re wearing. This means that if the bridal shower will be held in the evening, you should wear suitable makeup. If, on the other hand, the bridal shower is expected for lunch and lasts until mid-afternoon, you can put on light makeup. Again, this is the bride’s moment of glory so you needn’t worry so much if you put on enough makeup. What’s important is that you showed up with goodwill for the bride.

Dress Up to Play it Safe

If you’re in doubt as to whether to dress up or go low-key for the bridal shower, a good rule of thumb is to be more formal in your approach. You can probably find dressy clothing in your closet.

If you don’t find an appropriate dress there, you have the option of wearing a more formal blouse and skirt instead. This is a very good idea since you can mix and match tops and skirts. That way, no one will suspect that you’re simply recycling what was available in your closet.

Since times are a bit hard right now, you don’t have to head to the mall just to buy clothes for the bridal shower. If spending is a problem, you can borrow casual clothing from another friend just so you look great at the party. Same with shoes, it’ll be helpful if a friend who has the same shoe size lends a pair to you. There’s nothing wrong with being practical in a time of the pandemic.

Final Takeaway – Plan a Virtual Party, In Case of Lockdown

Since some places are still in lockdown in many countries, the event organizer may suggest holding a virtual bridal shower instead. Guests will only need high-speed Internet, a great computer with webcam, a stand-alone microphone, and speakers to attend this kind of bridal shower. The gifts could be sent in advance to the event organizer who’ll present them to the bride after the bridal shower is done with.

Fortunately, many places have already been deemed low-risk for COVID-19 so all the bride has to do is be armed with a disinfectant spray when the gifts have arrived at her current residence.

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