Summer With Kids: Keeping Hair Healthy

Hey ladies we proudly want to share with you a good advices how to keep your hair healthy during these summer days. Below is the whole article by Eliza Kelly, Founder and Chief Tangle Wrangler, Hair Fairy.

My kids are on the go all summer. Their days are filled with swim team, dog walks, play time with friends, swimming in Lake Washington and soccer practice. The sign of a good day is when there’s a dirt ring around the bathtub.  It shows the kids were active, got dirty and most important, are tired!

Summer With Kids: Keeping Hair Healthy

Tired kids = happy kids (and mom).

The one thing we struggle with is keeping summer hair healthy. My son has short hair so it’s not that big of a problem. His hair gets a fair amount of chlorine and sun but manages to not turn green, get tangled or fall out. My daughter’s hair…that’s another story.

It’s taken some serious trial and error to manage her thick, curly, blond hair. During the summer months, in the pool and sun, care is more important than ever. So I’m sharing what has worked for us in hopes it helps you survive summer with your kids.

1.Wear a hat.

It makes sense – less exposure, less damage. And it helps protect their fair skin too. Because style matters with my kids, they prefer baseball caps, preferably with a big Seahawks logo!

2. Get hair wet.

Before getting into the pool or a lake, take a shower and thoroughly wet hair. Hair is like a sponge. If it absorbs water in the shower, it will absorb less other harmful stuff like chlorine.

3.Deep clean and condition.

After getting out of the pool, use shampoo that gets rid of chlorine and other chemicals. If chlorine isn’t an issue, we use Bumble and Bumble Crème de Coco shampoo and conditioner. The smell will remind you of Hawaii and it deep cleans and moisturizes really well.

4.Use a leave-in conditioner

A few times a week, use a leave in-conditioner that locks in moisture. Our current fav is DevaCurl One Condition. You can find it on CurlMart, my favorite site for hair product. They have plenty of other leave-in conditioners and hair products for curly, wavy and straight hair. And they have awesome user reviews which are really helpful when deciding which product to try!

5.Sleep on Satin.

If you’re living right, you’re spending 1/3 of your day in bed sleeping. That’s a lot of time for your hair to rub against cotton, creating harmful friction leading to tangles, frizz and drying. Sleeping on satin eliminates that friction and retains moisture.

On a recent family trip, both my daughter and I forgot our Hair Fairy pillowcases. We both paniced when we realized we couldn’t steal the others pillowcase. After 2 weeks, both us had some serious frizz and dryness. Getting home and back to sleeping on satin showed a big difference for both of us.

There’s a lot of hype around protecting skin from the elements but less information about protecting hair. So whether your curly or straight, long or short, take heed and treat your locks right! They’ll thank you when school starts in the fall!

By: Eliza Kelly, Founder and Chief Tangle Wrangler, Hair Fairy

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