The Biggest Wedding Outfit Related Dilemmas

The season of weddings is officially opened. So many mysteries about the perfect wedding organization are all around us. Unanswered questions related with the wedding dressing code have been present up there since a lot of time ago. Is it appropriate to wear white on someone else’s wedding? Is there a dress code rule for wedding guests? Should the wedding dress be traditional and is there a length rule? Is a dress the perfect choice for a wedding outfit? And so many more questions waiting to be answered…

In this post we are trying to give you a little help if you are in a doubt related with some of these wedding related questions.

Wearing white on someone else’s wedding? Yes or no? 

The most of the guests won’t choose white for someone else’s wedding. It is unwritten rule that the bride should be the only one wearing white on her most important day. But, nowadays a lot of new couples, especially those having their wedding parties on beach, ask their guests to wear white on their wedding party. Our advice is to avoid wearing white on a wedding, unless the wedding dress code the bride and groom have set asks you to do. There is so many other colorful wedding guest outfits you can choose from that makes it absolutely rude if you go for a white choice.

The Biggest Wedding Outfit Related Dilemmas source 

Traditional wedding dress doubt?

There is an anecdote saying that Queen Victoria set the trend of wearing white wedding dress, as she choose a white satin gown embellished with lace for  her wedding in 1840’s. Since then brides to be have follow this tradition and today you can see the most of brides wearing white dress for their wedding day. But, today’s brides seem not to be very willing to follow tradition. That is why we can see a lot of colored wedding dresses nowadays. Even big wedding dresses designer such as Vera Wang make a whole colorful wedding collection for non-traditional brides to be to choose from.

The Biggest Wedding Outfit Related Dilemmas source 

Wedding dress or wedding jumpsuit dilemma!

Another unwritten rule that today’s brides try to avoid is the one that says that the wedding dress should be a long white dress. We can see a lot of brides wearing short wedding dresses that are a really WOW. Or, we can even see brides that don’t even wear a dress, but instead go for a wedding jumpsuit that is also a perfect choice if you are not that traditional.

The Biggest Wedding Outfit Related Dilemmas source

Wedding dress code guests dilemma

One of the most important doubts when you are a wedding guest is the dress code itself. The most of the couples don’t set a wedding dress code and you can wear whatever you want in the frames of decent. But, also thematic wedding have become very popular nowadays so a lot of bride and groom set a specific wedding dress code according to the wedding party theme. If you are invited to such a party take care to follow well the instructions, because you won’t to be the one destroying their most important day concept, right?

One same dress for more different wedding parties?

Another problem you face with when you are invited on more weddings in a season is the outfit you will wear on them all. Buying a different dress or jumpsuit for every wedding can cost you a fortune. If you want to be classy and stylish, and at the same time in a budget, here is the solution for you. Choose plaid dress or jumpsuit so that you can add some accessory and change the whole outfit without spending an extra money.

The Biggest Wedding Outfit Related Dilemmas source

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