The Process of a Special Made Jewelry

It cannot be denied that different professional jewelry makers have various steps and techniques in making one. Every technique can bring benefits to the maker. For instance, die striking is a technique used by a manufacturer. This technique uses metal sheets that are being stamped and shaped through the use of an engraved metal die.

The Process of a Special Made Jewelry

Since most of the machinery and dies used in making a piece of jewelry. For instance, an engagement ring, are costly, die striking is one of the most used techniques in making a number of jewelries. On the other hand, hand fabrication is also being used by some of the jewelry makers. As you have expected, you will create a Ring for women, for instance, by hand. This is being done with the help of heat and tools to shape and bend the metals.

In this post, I am going to give you the steps to special made jewelry. If you want to know more about it, then let’s get started.


Most of the professional jewelry makers usually can create actual custom jewelry; some of them still need to have a jewelry sketch to follow. Even though we are living in a technology-oriented generation where you can make Wedding rings design easily, most of the designers prefer pencils and sketch pads. Whatever the methods they will use, still the first thing they usually do is to sketch their designs for the Diamond engagement ring they will do.


The sketch of the wedding ring set, for instance, will be carved in the jeweler’s wax. Take note that the model of this jewelry must be flawless and perfect because of the fact that the production of the final piece will depend on the model. Most jewelers recommend using a wax that is much larger compared to the preferred size of the sketch. It is because the scale will slightly shrink.

Rubber Mold

In this step, the model of the sketched Gold rings will be covered by plastic, which is designed for jewelry making. After closing the plastic investment, it will be burned inside the oven, which will leave the shape of the jewelry voided. Space will create a smaller imitation of the design, which is being polished.

Most of the jewelry makers prefer to use some gem options, such as black diamonds and birthstones in making a diamond bracelet, diamond necklace, and diamond rings. As a result, the pieces of jewelry they will create will look more elegant and perfect. Thus, many customers will purchase their finished product.

Wax Tree

In turning wax into gold, most of the wax models use ten or twenty that are being positioned on a wax tree. Placing every piece must be done properly. Make sure that the thicker pieces will be placed at the bottom while the thinner one will be placed on the top. Upon completing the wax tree, the entire structure will be positioned in a flask.

Plaster Mold

After placing the structure of the waxtree in the flask, the investment, which is a liquid plaster, will be poured and mixed over the structure to cover it. Vacuuming is being done to get rid of the air bubbles formed in the investment. Similar to the original model’s mold, after hardening the investment, the wax will be burned, which will leave holes on the tree for the molten metal.

Final Touches

After setting some gems on the specially-made jewelry, the final product will be polished to reveal its shine and luster of gold. In doing so, a fine red jeweler’s rouge will be placed on a cloth, which will ensure that the complete details will be highlighted.

The article was written courtesy of Stav Fine Jewelry

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