Tips on How to Care for Your Vintage Engagement Ring

You need to take care of your vintage engagement ring to stay in great condition for many years. Even though diamond is the hardest metal, it can still get damaged. Here are some tips that I learned from Eragem that can help you maintain your engagement ring:

Tips on How to Care for Your Vintage Engagement Ring

1. Purchase insurance

Insurance will protect your engagement ring if it gets lost, damaged or stolen. After you’ve got insurance, consider having your jewelry appraised every five years since the cost of diamond and other precious metals changes with time. For instance, if you lose your engagement ring that was appraised ten years ago, your insured value will be less than the replacement cost!

2. Regular cleaning

Your vintage engagement ring should be cleaned at least three times a year. You can either do it yourself or take it to a jeweler to do it for you. For DIY, soak the ring in a warm solution of water and a mild detergent. Use a soft brush to clean your ring gently and then blot it using a lint-free cloth. However, if your engagement ring has pearls, emeralds or any other softer stone, it should be cleaned by a professional.

3. Beware of strong chemicals

There are numerous chemicals you have in your house or you encounter that can have lasting damage on your ring. Furniture polish, acetone, bleach, chlorine and hairsprays are common examples. You should never wear your ring when working with chemicals. To be safe, you should wear gloves even if you’ve removed your ring because the chemicals on your fingers can be transferred onto the ring. Since engagement rings are delicate, simple detergents and soaps can tear the prongs and milgrain. If your ring is very dirty and you need to use powerful chemicals, take it to a professional instead of taking risks.

4. Lifting and manual work

Diamonds have naturally occurring crystals that can form scratches or chips under pressure. Hence, when lifting or doing manual work, you should always remove your ring. Professional jewelers advise on taking off your ring when engaging in all sports & outdoor activities. However, if you plan to wear your engagement ring anyway, consider wearing quality gloves.

5. Bi-annual check-ups

You should take your engagement ring to an expert to examine the prongs for damage and ensure the stones are still held firmly in place. This might seem costly or time-consuming but it has numerous benefits in the long run. The expert will check the overall integrity of your ring and give it professional steam clean to increase its lifespan. Always have your ring inspected every six months by a jeweler.

Finally, be cautious when handling your ring. For instance, you should have ring dishes in specific areas in the house. That will make it easy for you to remove or know exactly where to look if you had removed your ring.

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