What’s In and What’s Out of Style: The Most Popular Jewelry Trends

There are several popular jewelry trends that you should know about. If you want to learn more, you should click right here.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” –Rachel Zoe

The question is, what is the jewelry you’re wearing saying about you?

Fashions come in and out of style with each turn of the seasons. So, knowing popular jewelry trends can help you avoid the fashion faux pas of wearing out-dated styles and keep you looking classy all year long.

Here’s a breakdown of current popular jewelry trends and outdated styles that you can now drop off at Goodwill.

Whats In and Whats Out of Style: The Most Popular Jewelry Trends

Popular Jewelry Trends That Are “In”

As with clothing, and some other fashion trends, there is some jewelry that will never go out of style.

There will always be classics like your basic pearl necklace or diamond rings.

However, some of these popular jewelry trends are both modern and timeless. Take a look and see what you want to incorporate into your 2019/2020 wardrobe.

  1. Chunky, Oversized Chains

Thank you Bottega Veneta for this very “in” jewelry trend that we are loving. If you were young in the 80’s you probably saw your mother wear some “glamorous” oversized chains.

Well, guess what? This trend is back and going strong. Especially this autumn, 2019, designers like Daniel Lee are laying them on thick.

If you’ve already got some, hang onto them. Who knows, this trend may come back around again when your daughters are older. Otherwise, hit up your mother for her genuine 80s set.

  1. Crystal Chandelier Earrings

‘Tis the season to whip out those oh-so-shimmery chandelier earrings and look glamorous at all the upcoming holiday parties.

A jewelry trend that was introduced in 2018, fringed crystals are far from on the outs. This style is fun and eye-catching.

The perfect night-out earring, it’s crystal clear (see what we did there?), that crystal chandelier earrings are popular for the 2019 fall and winter season.

  1. Ear Armor

This earring trend looks exactly how it sounds. Hot on the runways this fall are earrings that cover a good portion of the ear itself. This shiny, glamorous, “armor” hides most of the ear helix.

Some ear armor sets hang low off the ear as well. You can find pairs that include tassels, pearls, or chains. The boldest designs are essentially gold or silver molds of the entire ear.

However you wear your ear armor, just make sure you get a well-fitted pair. No use wearing beautiful earrings if you can’t hear the compliments on them…

  1. Glittering Chokers

Versace has contributed greatly to the 2019/2020 season with shinning chokers of all shapes and sizes. Yes, there were some “punk” chokers included in the shows this year, but these glittering, feminine chokers were the show-stopper.

If gemstones and jewels are your forte, then these beautiful necklaces are a great go-to style this fall. Everything from large crystals, to v-line danglers, glittering chokers are the new “statement” necklace of 2019/2020.

The nice thing is, you can pair them with a simple neckline for everyday outfits, or you can don them for fancy evenings out.

Jewelry Trends That Are “Out”

As fun as they might have been, some popular jewelry trends are simply “out” this year. Wearing old trends tends to date your wardrobe, making you appear slightly out of touch with current good taste.

Do yourself a favor and show your social and fashion awareness by making sure none of these outdated styles are still making it into your ensemble.

  1. Bib or Bubble Necklaces

Guaranteed, most women today have at least one “bubble” necklace hanging in their closet. While statement necklaces still have their place in today’s fashion, bib necklaces are on the out.

Heavy, bulky, and so obviously from 2012, it’s time to retire them to your daughter’s dress-up bin.

We’re sure statement necklaces will always look great with low necklines or sleeveless dresses. But if you’re still opting for these as your typical necklace of choice, it may be time to freshen up your jewelry selection.

  1. Birthstones

Do we even need to mention this one? At the risk of stating the obvious, birthstone jewelry is definitely “out.”

Birthstones had their day for a few months back in 2018 when little birthstone gems were included in chains or as an addition to charm necklaces and bracelets.

Now, they just look a bit tacky.

After all, let’s get real. Not everyone likes their own birthstone. Why restrict yourself to wearing tanzanite jewelry when you really look good in sapphires, amber, or rubies?

Nah, it’s time to move on from this trend that seems to have originated in 2001.

  1. Initialed Jewelry

Be honest, do you have a necklace or charm bracelet with yours or your significant other’s initials engraved on it? If you don’t you’re one of the few who managed to avoid this popular jewelry trend the last several years.

Initialed jewelry has been seen everywhere from bar necklaces to rings. It’s getting stale.

Trends like these can really date your wardrobe. There’s no question the last time you bought a new necklace was in 2018 if you’re wearing a little gold charm with your boyfriend’s initials.

Not to worry! These sentimental pieces are usually simple enough that they can be paired with something else a little more current.

  1. Fabric or Leather Chokers

The 90s called and they want their fabric chokers back. Ok, don’t get us wrong, the bedazzled, glittering chokers were a major hit on the runways this 2019/2020 season.

However, the fabric and leather chokers are through.

We’re not even sure how many people jumped on board with these necklaces, but they are in the realm of puka shell necklaces–not a good idea.

More Fashion Insights

Even the most popular jewelry trends may lose their appeal after a few years. If true style is your game, consider stocking your jewelry box with some basic classics that will never date your wardrobe.

Consider adding a pair of small, diamond studs, a single-strand pearl necklace, modest-sized gold hoops, or a set of simple gold or silver bracelets.

Whatever your fashion tastes are, browse our fashion brands section for more ideas on looking your best.

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