The Right Show Jacket for your Child

There’s no sight quite like a line-up of little ones, hearts bursting with pride on small-but-perfectly-formed ponies, and immaculate yellow jodhpurs and almost miniature showing jackets… But wait, your daughter’s pony is no shiny and perfect riding pony, he’s a podgy Exmoor with a defiantly un-plait-able mane, and so hers is the Mountain & Moorland class.  Should she be in a tweed jacket?  Help!  Fear not – we have a comprehensive range of children’s show jackets for every age and class.

The Right Show Jacket for your Child

Show Pony Class Jackets

For show pony classes – both Lead Rein and First Ridden – the rider should wear a navy blue show jacketwith competitor number always clearly visible. In length it should just touch the saddle and the sleeves should reveal just a little of the shirt cuff.  Canary-coloured jodhpurs are preferred as are brown leather jodhpur boots (although black are acceptable) – not long boots for children.  As far as accessories go, you’ll need a tie and pin; girls’ hair should be tidily tied up or plaited with neat – not dangling – ribbons (perhaps netted if very long); and any brooches or buttonholes should be worn on the right lapel – only the Queen wears them to the left. Leadersshould be dressed smartly but not flamboyantly.

Show Hunter Pony and Mountain & Moorland

In children’s Show Hunter Pony and Mountain & Moorland classes, tweed children’s riding jackets are the ‘right thing’, with a little flexibility colour-wise – although nothing loud – to complement the pony.  Velvet collars are acceptable providing they’re discreet although aren’t preferred, hair should be neat and tidy and no buttonholes or brooches.  Traditionally it’s brown jodhpur boots, and jodhpurs can be pale but not white.  Leaders tend to go for a matching ‘country’ look.

Show Ponies, Intermediate Show Riding Type, Show Hunter Ponies and Intermediate Show Hunters

When showing Show Ponies, Intermediate Show Riding Type, Show Hunter Ponies and Intermediate Show Hunters the correct attire is much the same as Lead Rein and First Ridden classes.  Too much decoration is discouraged and older girls’ hair looks the part in a neat bun.

Working Hunter Pony Classes

For Working Hunter pony classes, it’s a tweed jacket again – with a body protector for the jumping phase – along with canary or beige jodhpurs and brown jodhpur boots (long boots – not dressage boots though – for intermediate and seniors).  In the show jumping ring, the dress code is less strict although should still be smart, and body protectors should always be worn over the riding jacket.

Now your child looks the part, all she needs is to remember the rules and etiquette then go out and do her best – and have fun!

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