Things to Know When Shopping for Diamond Rings

A diamond, while a precious and beautiful stone, is extremely expensive. If you plan onbuying a diamond ring this season, you better have your pockets full!

Things to Know When Shopping for Diamond Ringssource
However, diamonds are considered rare,so you can’t always expect to find a wide variety available at a particular jewelry shop. You also have to be very careful while buying diamond jewelry, as the stone comes in various types and qualities.
In order to make a sound purchase, you need to have complete, reliable information on how to buy a diamond ring before driving down to your nearest jewelry shop. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while shopping for diamond rings.

• Check for Certification

You should always ask for certification before purchasing a diamond ring. Diamonds go under a grading system from significant labs like GIA and AGS. These gemological laboratories are responsible for grading the highest quality of the diamond. You’ll come across many stores that sell diamonds and get verified from other bodies. Avoid buying such jewelry as the quality can’t be guaranteed.

• Start Off by Going Online

As I previously mentioned about diamonds being rare, you can’t expect to find something that touches your heart at every store. Therefore, instead of going door to door from one jewelry shop to another. Many shop owners also operate a website for their business to target the online market; you can benefit from this by sitting at home and making a selection of your ideal diamond ring. If you are clueless regarding ring designs, take a look at the Brilliant Earth Pinterest page for vast variety of beautiful rings
I am pretty sure many people will consider this advice useless due to lack of confidence in online stores, but it’s not necessary to order the ring online. You can order it and pick it yourself so that you can check the quality of it before making the final purchase.

• Choose Your Cut Wisely

The cut of a diamond is its symmetry and proportions. The faces, facets,and edges work together to make the diamond reflect light and give off an alluring glimmer. More than anything else, the beauty of the diamond in question heavily depends on its cut.
A well cut diamond makes for superior appearance, but the choice is ultimately up to the buyer. Some may prefer purchasing a ring where the diamond is not cut optimally, perhaps because they cost less. At the end of the day, you want something that gives you your money’s worth.

• Check for Clarity

Clarity of a diamond shows a sign of mixture within the stone while viewing it through a microscope. The ideal grade being FL, which means completely flawless. You can expect this type of diamond to look entirely pure. However, this type of diamond is rare and can cost you a handsome amount.
Next up in line is the IF grade, or internally flawless. This scales goes on to very slightly included to straight-up included. Our advice is to stay closest to the top ranks, but naturally this choice also depends on your budget.

• Choose the Size According to the Occasion

The higher the carats, the bigger the stone. Yes, it’struethat many ladies love the sight of big diamonds. However, as the size grows, so does the price. Therefore, you need to choose the right size for the occasion. If you are planning on giving it to your fiancé on your wedding or engagement, then you can invest in a bigger stone. Otherwise, a smaller one can express your sentiment just as well on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

• Look for Symmetrical Diamonds

You should always choose a diamond ring that is as symmetrical as possible. Due to misalignment, a diamond’s internal light performance gets affected. It also looks less appealing and charming to the eye. At Brilliant Earth, you can always find a symmetrical diamond that’ll have more sparkle to it.

• Look for a Matching Color

Diamonds come in colors that range from D (colorless) to Z (strong yellow tint). You should always ask the jeweler if you could check the color of the diamond in broad daylight. Many shop owners use bright lights to make the diamond shine more than usual and appeal to the customer.
Wrap Up
Diamond rings are incredibly high priced, and most people buy them only once in their lifetime for occasions like their weddings, prom nights, or a Christmas party. Having that said, you can risk ruining that special moment by getting a diamond ring that isn’t all that beautiful or high quality. What’s the point of spending thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t even look good and fails to give you your money’s worth?
Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of buying the wrong diamond ring, it’s better to understand how to buy it first. Withour useful tips, you’ll understand how to distinguish a good diamond ring from a poor one and expect to make quite the grand gesture when you give it to the love of your life.

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