Tips in Picking the Best Wedding Ring

Tips in Picking the Best Wedding Ring

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 Your boyfriend is now your fiancé, and the big day is in three months. Congratulations! You are finally turning over a new leaf with the love of your life. Since your fiance went all out in finding you the perfect engagement ring, it’s now your turn to look for a ring that’s classier and more meaningful for both of you.

How Are They Different?

Engagement ring shopping differs from a wedding ring purchase. First, a wedding ring is for both of you. Second, an engagement ring usually comes with a stand-alone dominant stone or a bigger stone surrounded by smaller ones. And third, while engagement rings are generally pricier than wedding rings, several factors could make your wedding bands cost as much. This is especially true with bands adorned with inlaid diamonds or gemstones or having intricate designs.

Why You Need to Know

Looking for the best bridal diamond jewelry is like shopping for the perfect prom dress –– it demands time, effort, and undivided attention. Aside from knowing the basics, you also need to factor in your partner’s preference, budget, and lifestyle. Going to the jewelry store utterly clueless on what to look for can only leave you overwhelmed and, at worse, frustrated. To help sort your options out, consider the following tips:

Narrow Down Your Choices

It’s easier to decide if you narrow your options down. Do you want a gold or platinum ring with gemstones? Or do you prefer diamonds? If you don’t know what you want, unlimited choices can get the better of you.

Start by thinking about the wedding ring style. Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Is there a specific cut you like?
  • Are you going for the traditional or trendy look?
  • Do you want one with embellishments or a simple band?
  • Do you want your wedding ring to be similar to your engagement ring?

If you can work these questions out before visiting a jewelry store, you can zero in on the ring that you exactly want. Once you’re sure about your choice, it will be easy to shop around for it.

Decide If You’ll Wear Both Rings

You can decide faster if you know what band goes well with your engagement ring. Say, for example, your fiancé gave you a unique engagement ring; you may prefer a no-fuss, unadorned band. However, if you have a simple engagement ring, a ring with a diamond pave band, or added sparkle would look good together.

Also, it pays to consider how the rings fit together. If you plan to wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring 24/7, it’s better to choose shadow or contour bands designed to interlock with the matching engagement ring.

However, if you’re okay wearing your wedding ring alone, a wedding band with a more intricate design will look best. The design can stand alone. You can also talk to your bridal diamond jewelry provider about band choices that will go well with your engagement ring.

Start Ring Shopping Early

Remember not to wait until the very last minute to shop for your wedding ring. This will only leave you choosing what’s available. When you have time, you can even have your rings customized. Start trying them on as soon as you figure out what you want. It’s best to allocate three or four months before your wedding to start looking for the right wedding ring.

You can browse jewelry catalogs, research ring prices, and revisit ring designs you fancy with enough time. If you want a custom ring, you might need more than just two months. Also, note that engraving can take another month.

The Takeaway

These simple tips can help you visualize your ideal wedding ring, save time to search for it, and add custom embellishments and engravings. Getting the right wedding ring is akin to settling down. The key in both cases is never to rush things. Give yourself time to choose so that you will never regret your decision later.

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