Top 3 reasons why travelling can heal you after a breakup

So after months or even years of dating your partner, for one reason or another, your relationship has ended. And you’ve done what your friends and family have told you to do to get over your soulmate which is crying it out whilst eating pounds and pounds of ice cream, find a new hobby, jot down your thoughts on a journal and download literally thousands of dating apps because ‘one nail drives out another’. Sure, these tips work, but what if we told you the key for mending your broken heart completely is travelling and discovering the world on your own? Travelling enables you to clear your mind, meet new people and thus helps speed the healing process.

Top 3 reasons why travelling can heal you after a breakup

Here are 3 reasons why you should definitely travel after a painful break up:

Cliché but… ‘you find yourself’

Travelling solo is not the easiest thing to do. Many never get to experience it because of the fear of loneliness or getting lost and not having anyone to rely on. So once you do get the courage to hop on a plane on your own and realize you can actually follow directions, talk to people and go about without any sort of problems, you discover you’re a badass. And that you’ve always been one. And that is the best feeling in the world. When you’re in a relationship you usually get to experience trips and extraordinary situations with someone you trust and that is amazing, but you never get the opportunity of stepping outside of your comfort zone: something really important to grow and get to know your self-value.

You’re more prone to trying new things and creating new memories

There is something about trying new things in a completely different country that can’t be explained. I guess the feelings of ‘nobody knows me’ and that you’re by yourself so nobody can judge you are powerful enough to make you do things you would never do in your hometown. Going out one night and end up sleeping with a stranger that you know for a fact you will never see again is a clear example. If you travelled far enough away to the other end of the world, let’s say, Australia or New Zealand, you could even find nice escorts for fun in Wellington, Auckland, Sydney or any big and cosmo city in the opposite pole and try a new sexual experience that nobody would have to know about and have the best time ever.

You get peace and quiet

So whilst it’s nice to have your best friend and your mother tell you how they got over their once terrible breakup, sometimes their tips and tricks won’t heal you. Everyone’s different and everyone has their own way of getting over hurtful situations. Sometimes it’s best to get away from things and think for yourself what is the best way to approach these next few coming months. Travelling gives you the chance to be alone most of the time and be able to come to your own conclusions and methods on how to heal without the influence or opinion of the others. Also, flying to another country will also get you away from places and things that remind you of them and that can be tough to see if what you want is to forget them completely.

There is really no secret in getting over someone, and there surely is no remedy or potion that can make you forget years’ worth of memories and unconditional love. But travelling can, even if it’s just for a few days, give you the calmness and clarity you would not get by staying close to the things that remind you of your ex. So pack your bags, book the cheapest flight you can get, and discover a new perspective and way of living. Who knows… maybe this trip ends up changing your life!

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