What to Buy Your Teenage Niece or Nephew

In a calendar year, you’re likely to experience one particular panicked feeling several times at least: what on Earth do I buy for my teenage niece or nephew? When the moment comes for buying birthday or Christmas presents, it’s often easy enough for your own child, mother or sibling, as you’ve known them your whole life and are aware of their likes and dislikes. But what about the 16-year-old daughter of your sister for example? The one you possibly barely see and sometimes get their name wrong? That’s a harder task without a doubt.

What to Buy Your Teenage Niece or Nephewsource

With personal tastes and fads (not to mention their moods) rapidly changing for teenagers, it can be a real struggle to know what exactly to buy for these boisterous young adults. Other than infiltrating a gang of teenagers to understand what’s hip, like a terrible idea for a ‘90s movie, make sure to talk to your sister or brother and find out what their child is into – at least that will narrow down the field.

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Here are a few ideas to push down the panic and be the cool Aunt or Uncle when Christmas or a birthday rolls around.


You often hear that a watch is something you never buy yourself. Whether it’s thinking that you don’t really need one, or simply have no idea which one to pick, watches are always an exciting gift to receive and rarely go out of fashion. The range of watches over at Swatch are perfect to browse through for any age or gender. They won’t break the bank either, as a basic model starts at $50. You don’t need to pick up a Rolex to impress your family members, just show you have good taste by selecting a simple, yet refined watch.

Music Voucher

Unless you’re a regular devotee to the weekly Top 40 lists on Spotify or MTV, the names of Lady Gaga, One Direction, Drake or Skrillex might as well be in a foreign language. To save yourself the look of abject horror when your teenage niece opens your present and finds the greatest hits of The Spice Girls (that Geri Spice is still popular right?), an iTunes gift card is a safer option to say the least. With cards available at $25, $50, and $100, depending on how much you feel like spending, your niece or nephew can pick and download their favorite tracks using the online music service.

What to Buy Your Teenage Niece or Nephew

An Experience

Bungee jumping, paintballing and zombie boot camp: these words might fill you with dread, but to a fearless teenager, these could be as beautiful as a sunset over the Alps. are a great site that offer the gift of adventure and excitement, as well as ideas for gadgets, games, and T-Shirts. Best to check with your brother or sister first, but an adventure day out with his or her friends could be exactly what a teenager has always wanted, as it’s unlikely they get to dodge paintballs or survive a zombie apocalypse in their local shopping mall.

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