What We Learned from Koreans About Skincare

South Korea has dominated the beauty industry since its introduction of innovative yet effective skin care products. A lot of today’s beauty secrets like Skinfood started from the country that is known for its BB creams, cushion powders, essences, and even sheet masks. The 10-step Korean skin care routine has been introduced and adapted by many beauty gurus from all over the world.

What We Learned from Koreans About Skincare

South Korea has earned its reputation is because a lot of money has been pooled into their research and development team which certainly paid off! Beauty was once an industry dominated by the west has now shifted towards the east where South Korea is now known as the beauty capital of the world.

Here are some facts about skin care that we learned from South Korea:

Focus on Prevention

Several products like creams, moisturizers, and enhancements are available in western shops that mostly target key problem areas like ageing and fine lines. What makes South Korea different is that they believe skin care is an investment and prevention is key to long-term youthfulness.  Another is that they focus on dewy and glowing skin by providing hydrating products that helps boost collagen production instead of matte effects that can actually age your appearance.

SPF is a necessity

Without added protection, our skin becomes vulnerable to the harsh UV rays from the sun which can produce a myriad of skin problems like faster ageing, wrinkles, and even skin cancer.

To prevent these from happening, South Korea provides various SPF creams and lotions that come in bright and colorful packaging. They also add SPF solutions in their cosmetic products so women can apply makeup as well as get extra protection from the sun.

Double-cleanse for effective and thorough washing

One of the key steps in the Korean skincare routine is to double cleanse. This means using an oil-based cleaner to remove deep-seated dirt on your skin and then following it with a water-based solution. This double cleanse helps provide a thorough wash, eliminating residue that is not easily washed off by just one product.

Use natural and active ingredients in high concentration

After applying toner, the next step in the Korean skincare regimen would be to apply essences. Essences are basically concentrated natural ingredients that help improve skin absorption. Since toner balances the skin’s pH, essences help the skin absorb the next product which are specialized treatments.

Some examples of specialized treatments include boosters, serums, spot treatments, and anti-acne creams.

The reason why South Korea invests so much in research and development is because they believe that organic and natural ingredients are the key in providing healthier skin. In fact, one of the latest ingredients in their skin care line is the use of snail mucin which helps skin achieve that glowing look.

Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive

South Korea believes that people should have easy access to skin care products which is why companies are able to sell so many products within their market. In fact, a lot of companies are looking on newer and better ways to provide affordable skincare products so everyone can enjoy its benefits.

Skin care should be fun

You may have noticed some creams, lotions, and toners packaged in gorgeous bottles, or have cute characters on the box. This is no mere coincidence since South Korea believes that people should have fun with their skin care routine. Instead of seeing it as a “chore” it should be something to look forward to and beautiful packaging is a great way to market their formulas and entice new customers.

Skin care promotes self-love

Many people think skin care is a luxury that only the vain can afford. This is certainly not true as it has now become a necessity in Korea. By providing affordable products and encouraging users to create their own skincare routine, the beauty industry in the east is actively promoting self-love by taking care of ourselves. After all, it’s no secret that when you look good, you also feel good.

There’s a skin care routine for everyone

People are under the impression that skincare is just for women which couldn’t be far from the truth. In fact, the male population in South Korea is also taking an active step in taking care of their own appearance. With countless news and media promoting self-love, it’s no secret that men can also benefit from skincare as well.


While these are only a handful of what Korea has taught us. It’s no secret that when it comes to skin care innovations, Korea is twenty years ahead compared to the west with its trends currently influencing western companies. While cultural phenomenon plays a part on how beauty is emphasized, there is no doubt that self-care should not be limited by boundaries and we can certainly learn a thing or two from our eastern neighbors.

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