Why Become a Nurse?

There’s no career quite like being a nurse, and it comes with many benefits. Registered nurses get to work with a diverse group of people and can specialize in niches that really interest them. It’s not easy to decide on a niche since there is a huge variety of them, such as Licensed practical nurse (LPN), Registered nurse (RN), Travel nurse and many others. Each have their own responsibilities and challenges. For instance, responsibilities of a critical care nurse differ from other specialized nurses’ duties because they are dealing with patients that have serious and quite possibly life-threatening illnesses. Perhaps most importantly, nurses make a real difference, both to their patients and to the world. Read on for some top reasons to become a nurse.

Why Become a Nurse?

Nurses make a difference

Nurses save and change people’s lives every day. They care for patients and monitor their health around the clock, ensuring they receive the treatment they need. While doctors do an amazing job by diagnosing and prescribing medications and operations, nurses are the constant force on the front lines, interacting with patients and helping them to recover. Furthermore, nursing involves working with real people every day. Nurses often work together, supporting one another and other members of the healthcare teams.

Choice of nursing degree programs

Some study programs can be hard to find and may require you to travel a long way to access them. However, nursing programs are plentiful and are available in many different countries. Another advantage of the wide choice is that you can be selective, applying for just the right course for you and in the perfect location. Additionally, many institutions offer the opportunity to study online. There’s been a real shift towards this method of learning, and there are many courses to choose from, such as online nurse practitioner programs in Texas. In recent years, students who have other demands on their time, such as full-time work, or young families, are choosing distance learning programs over traditional class-based courses.

Nursing is exciting

It’s a cliché, but it’s true to say that no two days are the same in nursing. Every day, nurses meet new patients with varying health concerns and care needs. Nurses have to think on their feet and face fresh challenges all the time. Working in highly pressured environments such as emergency wards and operating theaters can be stressful but rewarding. On the other hand, slower environments such as retirement homes can offer regular work for nurses who enjoy building longer-term relationships with their patients.

Variety of specialisms

Some careers are rigid, with little opportunity to follow your individual interests. However, once nurses are qualified and working, they can begin to make choices about their chosen specialism. Some nurses may want to work in cardiology, for example, or others may have a particular interest in the mental health field. Hospitals and other healthcare providers tend to be supportive of their nurses’ career aspirations and will help them move between departments.

Nurses are in demand

There will always be a demand for great nurses. The world’s population is growing, and so is its healthcare needs. Nurses are needed to work in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, drop-in centers, prisons, and in the community, to name just a few. A career in nursing not only offers stable work and income but the opportunity to travel. Nurses are needed all around the world, so if there’s a country you’ve always wanted to experience, you could use your skills and see some of the world at the same time.

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