10 Life-Changing Clothing Hacks

Pulling out an outfit that will make you look breathtaking is not always easy to achieve. That is why women look for some clothing hacks that can help them look the best way possible. In this article, we have selected the ones that we consider will be helpful for you. Below, read how to avoid flying skirts, how to wear jeans in boots, or how to dress appropriately for the office. Explore even more clothing hacks by scrolling down the page!

1. DIY- Sew A Bra Strap Holder Into Your Top

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

2. Your hang loops are showing

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks  source

3. DIY: how to make a bra strap converter for a low-back dresses

Backless dresses are so sexy to wear. But, choosing the right bra to wear can be a real nightmare. Here are some clothing hacks that can make it easier for you to find the right bra to wear with a backless dress. You can buy it in the bra store, but you can also DIY it. These are the steps to follow in order to DIY a bra strap converter that won’t be visible when worn under a low-back dress.

The directions:

  1. First, snip off the clasps from an old regular bra. Make sure to leave enough band on the attachment to the elastic.
  2. Now, sew one clasp to the end of an elastic band. Try to do it the most secure way because there will be tension pulling in the band.
  3. Clasp it on one end of the bra and wrap it around your tummy to measure the needed length. Make sure it is tight enough so that the tension pulls the back of the bra down low enough. But, try to avoid it being so tight because otherwise, it will make you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Cut the elastic to the needed length.
  5.  Now sew on the second straw the same way you did with the first one.
  6. Voila! Your new bra is ready to be worn under your new and sexy backless dress.

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

4. Just make it easy on yourself and wear sleeves

Looking for some clothing hacks that will make you look appropriately dressed for work? Here is one: always make sure you wear sleeves at work! Sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses are definitely not appropriate outfits for the office. Instead, try wearing sleeved tops or dresses, or even try layering a jacket or sweater over the strappy top or dress. Keep the sleeveless and strapless tops for a night out with friends. The office is an environment for outfits that must include sleeves!

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

5. You are walking around with the flaps on the back of your jacket still sewn together

Has it happened to you to keep walking in a blazer with the flaps on its back still sewn together? It has t many of us! Those XS on the backs of the jackets and blazers are not another fashion detail. They are there to prevent the garment from getting an unsightly crease on its journey factory to the store to your wardrobe. But, not out of the wardrobe! While searching for some clever clothing hacks, we felt the need to share this one with you, because it is one of the common mistakes women do that ruin their overall outfit. Cut the flaps out once you buy the blazer!

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

6. Cover it up!

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

7. Boot Stroot: Easily Cuff Your Jeans Into Your Boots

Wearing jeans in your boots, especially your ankle boots can be something really hard to pull out. There are so many clothing hacks available out there that can make wearing your jeans tucked in the boots easier. One of them is the so-called: stroot. Stroot means strap and boots together! It is a strap that snaps around the bottom cuff of your jeans securing the jeans in your boots. Forget everything about bunching, bulging, and riding up! This trick will keep your jeans well hidden in your boots, making your legs look amazing.

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

8. Way to Cuff Your Jeans With Sandals

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

9. Double-Sided Tape as Hem Securer

Windy days can instantly turn into a nightmare if you are wearing a skirt. Imagine you are walking down the streets in your floaty skirt or dress feeling super confident. Then, the wind happens and your skirt or dress flies up exposing your modesty. Embarrassing, right? Well, there are many clothing hacks that can help you avoid such a situation. One of them is double-sided tape. Wear it in your handbag all the time, so that it can be on your hand for such a situation. All you need to do is to apply it to the skirt on one side and to your legs on the other. It will keep your skirt close to the body avoiding any embarrassing situations.

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

10. No Slack in the Back

10 Life Changing Clothing Hacks source

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